Wildcat Wire November 19, 2014

Wildcat Wire IconWelcome to the Wildcat Wire and congratulations on your acceptance to Northern Michigan University. Now that you're admitted, you'll have exclusive access to NMU's electronic newsletter that is designed to introduce you to a place where students find inspiration, invention, and innovation. These are the work of the fearless. They are the wheels on which the world moves forward. Here, at NMU, we unleash and build strength of mind and character. The opportunities ahead belong to you, are you ready?

Fearless Wildcats: Fearless in the Face of Series: Want to know what it's like to be an NMU Wildcat? Each month we'll feature an NMU student, alumni or faculty member in this exciting series: Rosie Frankowski '13 (and current graduate student at NMU) spent her summer training at the North American Women's Training Alliance, a group of elite Nordic skiers comprised of the U.S., Canadian, and Norwegian National teams.  After securing a walk-on spot on the Nordic team as a freshman at NMU, Rosie went on to have a sidelining surgery during her sophomore year.  Now she trains on the edge of a glacier where the only way in and out is by skis or helicopter.  Rosie's advice, "It is important to be positive every day. . . You can't afford to focus on the negatives. I focus on the little positives. . . You need to have fun with it. nothing is worth the energy and commitment if you're not going to enjoy it." Look for Rosie on an international stage for years to come! What are you Fearless in the Face of? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using hashtag #ShareNMU.

Who is my Admissions Counselor? : If you have not had the chance to meet with one of our counselors when they visited your school or the local college fair, let's introduce you to them virtually! Visit this link "find my admissions counselor" and see who is your admissions "go to" person.

'Born Free' in the U.P.:  I'm sure by now you have all heard the Kid Rock song Born Free. Maybe you've seen the video. You might want to watch that video again. Did you know that it was shot only 40 minutes from Marquette? Watch again to catch great views of Miners Beach, Lake Superior, and the forests and fields of the Upper Peninsula. 

Native American Celebrations: NMU’s Center for Native American Studies has planned several events in November to celebrate Native American Heritage Month, including the annual First Nations Food Taster held on November 7. A menu of wild game, wild rice, corn soup, three-sisters casserole and a variety of desserts was served. Other events on campus ranged from music, dancing, movies and discussions. NMU was also recently named one of the top Universities for Native American students by "Winds of Change," a quarterly publication. For more information and a full list of events, visit Center for Native American Studies.

Get an Edge: Superior Edge is a unique program for all NMU students that develops citizen-leaders for the 21st century. Students design their own activities to develop competencies (edges) in citizenship, diversity awareness, leadership and how to apply classroom theory to real-world challenges. Students complete up to 400 hours of documented volunteer, work or learning experiences that are above and beyond their classroom and graduation requirements. If students finish all four edges, they earn the Superior Edge designation on their transcript. It's a great way for future empolyers to see that you went above and beyond during your time at NMU. Find out more here: Superior Edge.

Making a Difference: This past weekend, NMU students had the chance to participate in a community wide event to end hunger put together by Marquette Ending Hunger. MEH was started by NMU Wildcat Laura Larsen '15 when she discovered through a class project that were currently 31 homeless children in Marquette alone.  Research now shows that one in six Americans aren't certain where their next meal will come from. With a 24-hr fast, sponsorships, a social media blitz, a can-a-thon and more, these Wildcats continue to help Marquette End Hunger.

Look and Sound Responsible 101: Keep your parents up to date with news and events from campus. Send them the link to the Parent Partnership newsletter, which is written by NMU President Fritz Erickson. It covers costs, state and federal government funding, educational legislation, and general university operations information. Your parents will no doubt appreciate your expanding interest in higher education. Find the newsletter at Northern Michigan University Parent Partnership.

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