Majors & Minors

Student with faculty member working on a sound board“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Remember that question?

Now it is more like: “What don’t you want to be?”

You have curiosity, you have interests--lots of them--and you want to do a little of everything. How do you choose?

Well, right now you don't have to choose, but you do need to know if the college you are considering offers something you are interested in. Chances are that Northern does.

At Northern Michigan University, you can choose from more than 180 academic majors and 120 minors. From the sciences to the arts, we have a program for you. Want to be a teacher? We have it. Want to get into the business world? We have it.

Future doctors, lawyers, police officers, nurses, historians, artists, writers, and so many others have all passed through our doors on their way to their dream career.

Start your dream here and check out the programs we offer.