Living on Campus

Student in the woods (new dorm on campus)Looking for a place to call home? Welcome to Northern Michigan University's residence halls!

NMU provides several options for campus living. Explore our residence halls and find the right environment to fit your personality.

The Woods: NMU’s newest residence hall complex.

  • 1200 bed facility with six buildings, four floors each.
  • Room floor plans include suite style living where you and your roommate share a bathroom with your two suite mates or private bedroom living where you have your own bedroom and share a bathroom with three other students.
  • The complex will also include a main street corridor connecting residence halls, classrooms, study spaces and dining, volleyball and broomball courts, laundry facilities at no cost and a multipurpose space featuring a fireplace, 24/7 study space and a patio.

Quad I and II: Includes Hunt Hall, Spalding Hall, Meyland Hall, Magers Hall and Van Antwerp Hall.

  • Suite style living where you and your roommate share a bathroom with your two suite mates.
  • Study rooms, TV rooms, kitchens and lounge spaces in each hall.
  • Laundry facilities included in your total cost. 
  • Lofting kits are available for students who wish to loft their beds.
  • Painting projects to personalize your house.

Each of the halls contains smaller communities of about 40 students each, called "houses." Houses share a common hall identity, but each has its own personality, rules, traditions, programs, and activities. Some house names include: Hogworts, Looney Bin, Whoville, and Reel House.

Wondering about the food? There are plenty of places around campus where you can use your meal plan. Your "constant pass" meal plan allows you to eat as much as you want as often as you would like in our Northern Lights Dining Hall or Wildcat Den. Plus, you'll have plenty of dining dollars to spend at many restaurants around campus like Fieras, Starbucks or Melted, a specialty grilled-cheese eatery in Hedgcock with over 1300 different combinations of grilled cheese sandwiches!

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