Living on Campus

Studying in a residence hall roomLooking for a place to call home? Welcome to Northern Michigan University's residence halls!

With nine distinct residence hall communities, you can find just the right kind of environment to fit your personality. Eight of our residence halls are home to about 275 students each during the school year. Spooner Hall is home to 100 upperclassmen and graduate students, and Meyland Hall houses athletes training with our Olympic Education Center and 175 other students who prefer a quieter community.

Each of the halls contains six smaller communities of about 40 students each, called "houses." Houses share a common hall identity, but each has its own personality, rules, traditions, programs, and activities. Some house names include: Hogworts, Looney Bin, Whoville, and Reel House.

My roomNMU's residence halls, with the exception of Spooner Hall, are made up of suites. Four students share a suite of two bedrooms and a bathroom. All halls are coed, but with a variety of arrangements per house (males and females do not share suites). Our residence halls are: Gant Hall, Halverson Hall, Hunt Hall, Magers Hall, Payne Hall, Spalding Hall, Spooner Hall, Van Antwerp Hall and West Hall. Upperclassmen can choose to live off-campus, in campus apartments or in the residence halls. On your housing application, you can request a specific hall, type of house or even your roommate.

Successful communities have their "rules to live by" and we want prospective students to know up front what we expect of them as citizens of our special community.  Please check out the NMU Student Handbook, being sure to read the section called Conditions of Enrollment which explains the things you need to be a student at NMU like keeping your address current, using your mobile device for university business, paying your bills and living on campus.

Wondering about the food? There are plenty of places around campus where you can use your meal plan. Your "constant pass" meal plan allows you to eat as much as you want as often as you would like in our Marketplace or Wildcat Den. Plus, you'll have plenty of Dining dollars to spend throughout campus. We've got everything from Fieras to Starbucks to Melted, a specialty grilled-cheese eatery in Hedgcock.

Room and board is not just a room and a meal plan, it also includes free cable television, free laundry and free Internet access!

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