Interdisciplinary Programs

NMU offers a wide variety of interdisciplinary programs.NMU offers the only baccalaureate degree in Native American Studies in Michigan and is one of only three teaching universities to offer a degree in neuroscience. All interdisciplinary programs offers unique insight by combining multiple disciplinary perspective on particular issues and problems facing society. NMU offers programs in Health and Science, the Humanities and Social Sciences, and Teacher Education.

Health and Science

Biochemistry Major
Offered by the Chemistry Department this program serves those interested in biochemical research or forensic science as a career or in pursuing pre-professional programs in medicine or dentistry. Interested students should contact for additional information.

Forensic Biochemistry Major
Offered by the Chemistry Department, this major is designed to prepare students for a career in the field of forensic science. It provides the science background required for working as a forensic investigator in a crime lab. In addition, it prepares students for entry into a graduate program in forensic science. Interested students should contact for additional information

Neuroscience Major
Northern is one of only three public teaching universities in the country to offer a bachelor's degree in neuroscience. At NMU, not only will you be part of a top-notch academic program, but you'll also get experience working in a laboratory setting as you assist ongoing research conducted by our own faculty. Neuroscience is the scientific study of the nervous system and emerges from a fusion of multiple fields, including biology, psychology and computer science. Students interested in the programs should contact for more information.

Science Technologist Major
Offered by the Clinical Sciences Department, The program provides students with a strong foundation in laboratory medicine, and a major discipline within internal medicine. It is an excellent choice for students interested in medical school or becoming a physician's assistant. Interested students should contact for more information.

Sports Science Major

The Sports Science Major, offered by the department of Health and Human Performance provides a strong foundation in the basic sciences of human biology, chemistry and physics and in the applied areas of exercise physiology, kinesiology/ biomechanics and sport nutrition. Successful graduates will have completed prerequisites for graduate study in more specific exercise science disciplines. For more information contact

Specialty Minors in Health and Science Programs

Group Science Minor
The Chemistry Department offers a groups science minor for those whose major is Chemistry, ACS certified. Please contact for more information.

Cluster Minors
Some programs require cluster minors which include course work from two or more departments outside the student's major. Students opting for cluster minors must have the cluster approved in writing by all departments offering courses within the cluster. The approved minor must be forwarded to the Degree Audits Office during the student's junior year of study. Forms are available from the major department. Programs offering cluster minors are: Community Health Education, Earth Environmental and Geographical Sciences, Human Behavior -- Social Work, and Sports Science.

Humanities and Social Sciences

International Studies Major and Minor
This broad major provides students with a basic understanding of modern world history, international relations, world cultures and world religions. International Studies student deepen their understanding of the world through study abroad. The departments of Art and Design, Communication and Media Studies, Economics, English, Modern Languages and Literatures, Geography, History, Philosophy, Political Science and Public Administration, Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology and the College of Business cooperatively sponsor the international studies major. Please contact for additional information.

A Latin American Studies Minor is offered by the International Studies Program. Please contact for information about this program.

Native American Studies Major and Minor
NMU is the first and only university in the State of Michigan to offer a baccalaureate degree in Native American Studies. Several departments and programs work cooperatively with the Center for Native American Studies to offer courses that contribute to the NAS major and minor including anthropology, art and design, criminal justice, English, history, and music. Students who have graduated from our programs are employed at Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission, Title VII Indian Education Program - East Jordan Public Schools, American Indian Health and Human Services of Southeast Michigan, Sault Ste. Marie Tribal Community Health Services and as teachers and professors at schools across the United States. Visit our web page for more information. For additional information contact Native American Studies. Miigwech (thank you)!

Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor
The Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor explores the meaning and significance of gender in human experience from an interdisciplinary perspective. It combines the perspectives of women's studies, feminist studies, lesbian and gay studies, queer studies, and men's studies to give a broad perspective on domains such as gender roles, sexuality and social status. The interdisciplinary focus of this minor provides students with an appreciation of the diversity of approaches to studying gender, and the opportunity to integrate these approaches for a deeper understanding of the role of gender in society. Please contact for additional information about the minor.

Religious Studies Minor

The Religious Studies Minor offers insight into this dynamic force which the literature, politics, art, and economics of virtually every society and civilization. The academic study of religion will help you acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for navigating a world in which religion plays so important a role.Please contact for more information about this program.

Teacher Education

The School of Education offers three distinctly interdisciplinary programs: Secondary Education Integrated Science, Secondary Education Industrial Technology, and Secondary Education Social Studies. These programs are part of the School of Education, Leadership, and Public Service. For information about teacher education programs at Northern, please contact

Secondary Education Integrated Science Major
The Biology, Chemistry, Education, Geography, and Physics departments cooperatively offer this program to students interested in certification to teach science at the secondary-school level from an integrated science perspective. Students with this major must minor in either biology, education, chemistry education, earth science education or physics education. The major prepares students to be endorsed both in integrated science and in the specific discipline of the major. All Teacher Education candidates must meet selection and retention standards to be eligible for licensure.

Secondary Education Industrial Technology
The industrial technology major offered by the departments of Education and Engineering Technology is one that combines product design, construction, welding, manufacturing, and technology for students interested in certification to teach at the secondary level. Students with this major must minor in a teachable content area. The major prepares students to be endorsed both in industrial technology major and in the specific discipline of the minor of their choosing. All Teacher Education candidates must meet selection and retention standards to be eligible for licensure.

Secondary Education Social Studies Major
The secondary education social studies major consists of two courses–three semester hours each, minimum–in each of the following four required areas: economics, geography, history, and political science. The additional credits comprising the 36 required hours may be accumulated by taking courses in any one or more of the four required areas. One course must be at the 300-400 level. Although advisement is provided by the History department. All Teacher Education candidates must meet selection and retention standards to be eligible for licensure.