Apply by Student Type - Guest Students

NMU students using a USB microscope A guest student is one who is regularly enrolled at, and eligible to return to, another college or university but who wishes to earn credit from NMU to transfer to their home institution.

The following stipulations must be met for admission:

  • Applicants may not register as degree candidates at NMU.
  • Applicants must have the NMU courses they wish to take approved in advance by the registrar of their home institution.
  • Applicants must understand that falsification of any part of a
    guest application may result in cancellation of admission or
    registration at NMU.
  • Applicants must arrange to have any credit earned as guest
    students sent from NMU to their home institutions. NMU will not do this automatically.
  • Applicants are limited to a maximum of two regular semesters
    or 32 credit hours and must submit a new guest application
    for the second semester.

Application Instructions

  1. Apply - Complete a Michigan uniform undergraduate guest application
  2. Application Fee - Submit the non-refundable $35 application fee. Students may mail a check or money order or can pay by credit card by calling 1-800-682-9797 or 1-906-227-2650. You may also pay online.