Get Movin'!

Students snowshoeing in the woodsOnce you've got your menu in order, get ready to take it a step further - literally! Set your mind to not only control your cravings but exercise your body, too. You don't necessarily have to do Pilates or be a star quarterback on the football team to get and stay in shape. Just get active in a sport you enjoy - be it bowling, track, crew or even rollerblading. NMU has tons of intramural sports to keep you active. You've also got the opportunity to use the PEIF aerobic equipment, weights, pool, racquetball courts, ice rink, ropes course and climbing wall. There is something for everyone. Just remember, pumping up your heart rate for at least 20 consecutive minutes a day, four days a week, can have optimal effects on your exercise escape from extra poundage.