The Freshman 15

HVAC student working in cabinetEver heard of the freshman 15? The term  refers to the 15 or so pounds that a lot of new freshmen gain at college. All that great cafeteria food and late night pizzas start to add up. So, you definitely don't want to make that freshman 15 myth a reality, right?

Here's the scene: You're off to college, and suddenly the temptations multiply. This on-your-own living situation has you picking up Happy Meals whenever you want them, participating in 2 a.m. study break munch fests, and loading up on those mayonnaise-rich salads in NMU's Northern Lights Dining all-you-can-eat salad bar. And then, since you're so busy figuring out calculus problems, researching term papers and trying to find a date for the movies, you've totally been avoiding the gym. Hey, any free time you do have, you veg out surfin' the Net or watching "Mainfest".

Think expanding inches, extra pounds, and your favorite jeans tightening around your waist. Sure, you're getting comfortable in that oversized Wildcat sweatshirt (and it's oh-so-warm), but what about your concern for good health?