Don't Bring and Other Test Tips

When you leave for your test, don't bring: Changing classes

  • Books, notebooks, dictionaries, scrap paper.
  • Cell phones, Smart watches, or any other electronic devices.
  • Noisy jewelry, including wristwatches that beep.

When you arrive at the test center, pick a seat that is away from area distractions. Don't sit near friends, the windows or the door if you think they may prove to be a distraction. If you must bring a cell phone, be sure to turn off the ringer. Even if your phone is on silent mode, you will not be allowed to answer any calls or text messages.

You'll be sitting for about three hours, so wear something comfortable! It is best to dress in layers as it is hard to know what the temperature will be like in the room. Throughout the exam, listen attentively to the supervisors' announcements. Supervisors will distribute test materials, instruct you in test procedures, show you how to fill out the answer sheet, and answer administrative questions. If you need assistance during the exam, raise your hand to summon a supervisor. Don't talk to anyone else and don't leave your seat without a supervisor's permission.