Life at NMU - Diversity

Students in classAt Northern Michigan University we not only value diversity, we are actively working to create an inclusive environment on our campus. The diversity programs and initiatives at NMU are designed to support and enhance student, faculty, staff and community interaction, and to teach everyone the value that inclusion and diversity bring to an institution.

So what are we doing, and what can you expect at NMU? Here are just a few things:

 We host the annual UNITED Conference.

 We have faculty, staff, students and community members that comprise the Presidents Committee on Diversity.

 We have nine diversity promotion groups. These student-run organizations range from the All Nations Club, the Black Student Union, the Native American Student Association, OUTLook and several more.

At Northern, we are always looking for speakers and special guests to present their own world view to our community. Past speakers on campus have included Arun Gandhi, John Corvino, Rebecca Skloot, iO Tillett Wright, Martin Moreno and Daryl Davis - just to name a few.

By helping our students to recognize, support, celebrate and appreciate inclusion and diversity, we are helping to create future leaders who will continue to work to reduce prejudice, stereotyping and the harassment of all people.

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