Daniel Mitchell

Daniel Mitchell HeadshotName: Daniel Mitchell - Admissions Counselor

Hometown: Saginaw, Michigan

Professional/Personal Biography:

I graduated with degrees in genetics and anthropology from Michigan State University in 2014, where I also worked as a research assistant in an E. coli lab, a resident assistant in Holmes Hall, and a representative in on-campus student government. After graduating, I served two years with the MSU College Advising Corps where I focused on college access with students at Pellston and Alanson high schools in Northern Michigan. Those high school students showed a lot of interest in NMU, and it was actually on a campus tour that they asked me to coordinate that I learned about the Master’s program in Post-Secondary Biology Education. I completed that graduate program in 2018 and I am excited that I am able to stick around in Marquette and share my enthusiasm for higher education with potential future wildcats!

Most Memorable College Experience: I met most of my best college friends serving as resident assistants together and there are so many memories with them throughout our last two years of college. My favorite event is absolutely our “S’more Hotline:” during finals week one year, residents could call down to the lobby and have s’mores and hot chocolate delivered to their door. I ate at least six, but it’s important for the head chef to sample their work from time to time.

Favorite Marquette Activity: You will find me at drop-in volleyball at the PEIF at least once a week and walking around Marquette while listening to podcasts the other six days.

Best Advice You Received Regarding College Or Would Give Someone Entering College: There are more opportunities available to you now as a college student than there are at almost any other time in your life, so don’t hesitate in taking advantage of everything college has to offer! That includes meeting new friends, taking classes outside your comfort zone (that included soccer and creative writing for me), and saying yes to opportunities like undergraduate research or study abroad.