COVID-19 FAQ - Admissions

This page contains a selection of questions and answers that NMU has received from prospective students. Our complete COVID-19 frequently asked questions is a comprehensive list of questions and answers and should be referred to if you don't find your question on this page.  You may also read a message from the director of admissions here.

Is NMU still accepting applications for admission?

Yes! NMU is accepting applications for undergraduate and graduate admission, both campus- based and Global Campus (online programs).

Is there an application deadline?

Generally, no. NMU has rolling admissions, so we continue to offer admission as application files become complete. There are some exceptions for some graduate level programs.

Is there a deadline for committing to NMU for the summer or fall 2020 semesters? Is there a deposit deadline?

No. NMU does not have commitment or deposit deadlines. New first-year (freshman) students and transfer students indicate their intent to enroll at NMU by registering for New Student Orientation.  A variety of session dates are offered, so registration prior to the desired session is important.  We encourage students to take this action so we understand you are planning to attend NMU.  That way, we can keep you informed.  Northern is suspending all fees for orientation sessions held this summer for those students and parents who register for sessions as of May 31.

Can I send my SAT or ACT scores to NMU?

NMU continues to receive SAT and ACT scores directly from the testing companies several times per week. You may request your scores through their websites.  If your high school has a school copy of your test record, we will accept test scores that are on your transcript or from a copy of the school test report (e-mailed by a school official to  We will continue to accept test scores prior to the first day of the fall semester (August 17, 2020) for admission and scholarship consideration.  If your test scores are not available due to circumstances related to COVID-19, we will work with you.  We will be able to process an admission decision prior to receiving test scores if the rest of your application elements are complete.  For current high school juniors who will be applying for Fall 2021 admission, we have adopted a test-blind admissions policy.

Can I submit transcripts electronically?

Transcripts submitted electronically through a secure-server provider such as Parchment/Docufide, eScrip-Safe, the National Student Clearinghouse and many others are always accepted. Within those systems, you can designate the receiving e-mail as Transcripts submitted via standard email by students cannot be accepted, but during this time, we will provide admissions decisions for new first-year freshman applicants based on high school transcripts attached to an e-mail from a school official and sent to  You should ask the school official to use secure means such as a VPN when sending your transcript via e-mail to safeguard your information. Please contact us to discuss your individual situation if you are unable to have official transcripts provided through the usual methods.

How will you review high school and college GPAs if there are changes to grading protocols?

We will use whatever grading policy the high school or college has implemented for the remainder of the year (pass/fail, credit/no credit, GPA at time school closed, etc.) in a way that does not disadvantage the student.  The impact on admissions and scholarship decisions will be neutral.

Can I submit my application fee or fee waiver request electronically?

Yes. Undergraduate application fees can be paid electronically during the online application process or by clicking here. Application fee waiver information is available here.

Yes. Graduate application fees can be paid here.

Are there specific instructions for international student applicants?

Yes, please see detailed information here.

How can I receive assistance with completing my application file?

Contact us at or 906-227-2650. We will connect you with someone who can assist you.

What if my financial situation has changed since I filed a FAFSA or received my NMU finanical aid award?

Please contact our Financial Aid Office (, 906-227-2327) to discuss a re-evaluation of your financial aid.

How will I participate in New Student Orientation this summer?

Northern has decided to provide all first-year, commuter and transfer students and parent on-campus orientation sessions via an online format.  We are increasing the number of sessions for the first-year student orientation sessions, and the simultaneous parent orientation sessions.  Find information here.

Northern is also suspending all fees for orientation sessions held this summer for those students and parents who register for sessions as of May 31. Students and parents who have already made orientation deposits will be contacted by orientation staff through email about their choice to apply those funds to the fall tuition bill or receive a refund. 

The orientation staff is still working on creating their new online programming. The plan is to provide as many live panel discussions as we can during the online sessions to replicate as much of the on-campus orientation experience as possible. Some asynchronous web materials will supplement what does not transfer well to interactive online events. Portions of the parent orientation are tentatively planned to be offered in an interactive town hall format. 

What are my options if I register for orientation and/or apply for on-campus housing and then plans change?

Depending on your plans, you may have options to defer to a future term or receive refunds based on the orientation and housing refund policies.

Are campus tours still being offered?

In-person visits through the Campus Visit Program have been suspended, however, customized virtual campus visits can be arranged. View options and register at or contact  You can access a variety of virtual resources to help you get to know NMU.

Will NMU accept AP exam scores?

Yes. We will continue to accept AP and IB exam scores as in the past. We are aware of new testing and timing protocols.  NMU accepts AP® (Advance Placement), IB (International Baccalaureate) and CLEP (College Level Examination Program) scores. You can review the Advanced Placement policies in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

I am a high school junior planning to start college in Fall 2021- what do I need to know?

  • You may submit an application for admission starting this summer and any time during your senior year. There are no deadlines.
  • High school transcripts, application fees, and other documents can arrive at  different times.  We will keep track of your application and documents and keep you updated about what is still needed to make an admission decision.
  • For current high school juniors who will be applying for Fall 2021 admission, we have adopted a test-blind admissions policy.
  • We will continue to review admitted students' information for scholarship eligibility throughout the senior year.
  • As of April 2020, we plan to hold the Presidential Scholarship Competition as scheduled.  We will adjust the competition format and registration and/or awarding timelines as new information may dictate.
  • Please reach out to us with any questions:
  • Get to know us virtually.


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