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Name: Sadie
Home State: Michigan
Major: Neuroscience/Cellular and Molecular
Second Major: Chemistry
Involvement: Honors Program, Leadership, Music/Theater, Research/Internship, Student Organizations, Study Abroad

The opportunities at Northern are unmatched. Whether it be the amazing connections made with professors in the classroom or the opportunity to simply explore the outdoors, this university has offered me so much more than I had ever imagined. Every aspect of the atmosphere is completely inviting, making NMU the perfect place for me to explore who I am and where I would like to be in the future. I have been able to develop my passions for both the sciences and the arts while simultaneously discovering new interests and passions. While my future is relatively uncertain, it will undoubtedly be amazing based on my experiences thus far!


Name: Taylor
Home State: Michigan
Major: Marketing
Second Major: Biology
Involvement: Leadership, Study Abroad, Varsity/Club Sports

I LOVE Northern Michigan University because it is small enough to feel like a warm and welcoming campus, but still large enough to provide a wide variety of different degrees and career opportunities. NMU also has excellent facilities, staff, and professors dedicated to helping each student on their path to success. Another great thing is that class sizes are small so you know your professors and it is easier to meet other students! Personally, Northern has helped me grow intellectually, socially and has strengthened my leadership skills. I couldn't be more grateful. In no time, Northern will become your home away from home as it has for many other students. So what are you waiting for?


Name: Zachary
Home State: Texas
Major: Graduate - Psychology - General
Second Major: English
Involvement: Housing and Residence Life, Intramural Sports, Leadership, Research/Internship, Varsity/Club Sports

NMU has offered many opportunities that have propelled me forward in my college career. As a graduate student now, I am researching cognitive flexibility in the Social Psychology Lab in the Psychology Department. With a great faculty, they have helped me obtain the knowledge I need to continue my education and focus on what I love. I am also a Graduate Tutorial Assistant in the department, with duties that involve teaching introductory lab classes and communicating with students and faculty throughout the department.


Name: Abby
Home State: Michigan
Major: Nursing
Involvement: Diversity, First Generation, Housing and Residence Life, Leadership, Outdoor Recreation, Student Organizations

I loveeee Northern Michigan University! Everyone here is so kind and personable! Although I am 8 hours away from my (very small) hometown not once have I ever felt alone or lost. I can always count on NMU's caring community to make me feel welcomed and loved.


Name: Brooke
Home State: Wisconsin
Major: Public Relations
Second Major: Theater and Entertainment Arts
Involvement: Greek Life, Housing and Residence Life, Leadership, Music/Theater, Outdoor Recreation, Research/Internship, Student Organizations

NMU gives me the homey feel I was looking for when selecting a college while still providing all of the opportunities of a larger university.


Name: Noah
Home State: Michigan
Major: Marketing
Second Major: Art and Design
Involvement: First Generation, Housing and Residence Life

NMU has provided me a wonderful environment to develop my social and professional background. I can't imagine attending any other school.


Name: Veronica
Home State: Wisconsin
Major: Biology
Second Major: Spanish
Involvement: Diversity, Honors Program, Research/Internship, Student Organizations

I like NMU because I don't feel like just another statistic or a number, I feel valued as a person. The people here really want to see you succeed and will help you along the way. There are tons of resources available to you and lots of friendly faces. I also really like the opportunities available here, especially in research. There are so many different labs that are looking for undergraduate students to help out, or even conduct their own research! Northern is a lovely place to take hold of those opportunities, find your independence, and grow. With good people, great views, and a *superior* lake, what more could I ask for in a college?


Name: Mandy
Home State: Illinois
Major: Music Education
Involvement: Greek Life, Leadership, Music/Theater, Student Organizations

When I first visited NMU I immediately knew this is where I wanted to go. The campus and surrounding area are beautiful, the campus is small, but I don't know everyone, and there's so many clubs and organizations.


Name: Michelle
Home State: Wisconsin
Major: English/Secondary Education
Second Major: Spanish- Secondary Education


Name: Liz
Home State: Wisconsin
Major: Elementary Education
Second Major: Elementary Ed- Integrative Science
Involvement: Diversity, Housing and Residence Life, Intramural Sports, Leadership, Outdoor Recreation, Religious/Spiritual, Student Organizations

The best way to describe NMU is a diamond in the rough school filled with the kindest students and staff members. With small class sizes, a condensed campus, and so many opportunities to get involved, I was able to quickly and easily make the transition to college and make Northern my home away from home. Not only is the campus amazing but also the community as a whole is a wonderful place to have an excellent college experience. Around town there is a little something for everyone such as, hiking, beaches, small local shops, an awesome farmers market, so many coffee shops, and much more. With the help of so many here at NMU and in the community I have been able to transform into a better student, leader, and become highly prepared for whatever my future holds. If you're ready for the adventure of a lifetime I strongly suggest starting it here at NMU, where adventure awaits around every corner.


Name: Lizzie
Home State: Wisconsin
Major: Communication Studies
Second Major: International Studies
Involvement: Intramural Sports, Student Organizations

The small class sizes and one-on-one time with professors are what drew me to Northern but once I stepped into the city of Marquette, I knew this was the place for me. Between Lake Superior and endless places to venture there is always something to do here!


Name: Stephanie
Home State: Wisconsin
Major: Social Studies- Secondary Education
Second Major: History- Secondary Education
Involvement: Housing and Residence Life, Leadership, Outdoor Recreation, Religious/Spiritual, Student Organizations

NMU has become home for me for multiple reasons. I love the area that it is located in, there is also so much to do and endless adventures waiting. NMU has also brought me my closest friends through many different organizations. This college is also very special to me because the Faculty and Staff care so much about you and your success, it makes going to class so much better.


Name: Grace
Home State: Washington
Major: Medicinal Plant Chemistry
Involvement: First Generation, Housing and Residence Life, Leadership, Student Organizations, Transfer Student


Name: Elsie
Home State: South Dakota
Major: Public Relations
Second Major: Spanish
Involvement: Leadership, Student Organizations, Transfer Student, Varsity/Club Sports

I absolutely LOVE NMU because it's a home away from home. The community and university are always super inviting and wiling to help. If you are ready to find your passions and explore the Upper Peninsula this place is for you! Plus, who wouldn't want to live by the water?


Name: CJ
Home State: Wisconsin
Major: Criminal Justice
Second Major: Spanish
Involvement: Housing and Residence Life, Leadership, Religious/Spiritual, Student Organizations

I fell in love with NMU the moment I toured the campus! The people are all so welcoming, making Northern truly feel like my home away from home. Through my involvement in Superior Edge, SLFP, His House, Welcome Crew and so much more I have made life-long friendships and met so many faculty members on campus. I cannot imagine attending any other school let alone living anywhere else nine months out of the year!


Name: Ellie
Home State: Michigan
Major: Hospitality Management
Second Major: Focus in Culinary Arts
Involvement: First Generation, Housing and Residence Life, Leadership, Student Organizations

I love NMU because it is like my second home! I am a hospitality student with a focus in culinary arts, I am also a teacher's assistant for the freshman cooking class. I am involved in several on-campus activities; including Quiz Bowl, Meyland Hall President, and working on campus. My favorite things to do in Marquette are taking pictures at Mt. Marquette (as pictured), hiking Sugarloaf, taking pictures of the sunset, going to hockey games, and eating at the many places downtown! Marquette has become my favorite place in Michigan, and I love it here! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.


Name: Nick
Home State: Michigan
Major: Marketing
Involvement: First Generation, Housing and Residence Life, Leadership

NMU was a place that I fell in love with when I first came here! The outdoors here are amazing and the academics were just was I was looking for! Student life is very fun and I am very involved with where I live. I am a marketing major and I found that the classes I am taking here at NMU are everything I was looking for.


Name: Gabby
Home State: Michigan
Major: Social Work
Second Major: Social Services
Involvement: Housing and Residence Life, Leadership

I like NMU because it's a diverse school, but you can find people that you fit in with that have the same interest as you. I also like the city its in, Marquette is so beautiful and it has so much to offer, the hiking trails, the beaches, and the events that the city puts on gives such a relaxing home vibe.


Name: Sydney
Home State: Michigan
Major: Entrepreneurship
Second Major: Information Systems
Involvement: Housing and Residence Life, Intramural Sports, Leadership, Outdoor Recreation, Student Organizations

I absolutely love it here because everyone is so welcoming and it has become a second home to me. I enjoy being able to find new places to explore or exploring the same places over and over again such as Sugarloaf Mountain.


Name: Rachel
Home State: Wisconsin
Major: Chemistry/ACS Certified
Second Major: Mathematics
Involvement: Honors Program, Housing and Residence Life, Intramural Sports, Leadership, Outdoor Recreation, Religious/Spiritual, Research/Internship, Student Organizations

My favorite part of NMU is that there are always people around ready to go on the next great adventure. Marquette is such a cool place, and students here are appreciative of all that is offered. There are also great academic opportunities such as research that are readily available to interested students.


Name: Elizabeth
Home State: Michigan
Major: Marketing
Involvement: Intramural Sports, Leadership, Outdoor Recreation, Student Organizations, Transfer Student

NMU is the best because first of all, it's located in Marquette. If you've ever driven through here, it probably didn't take you long to figure out why we all love it. It's a cozy town right on the water, with no traffic, and the nicest people. I love Northern because it's big enough to get the "college" experience, but small enough where you have personal connections with the professors. I would love to share my experience here with you, ask me anything!


Name: Tyra
Home State: Michigan
Major: Social Work
Second Major: Human Behvaior
Involvement: Leadership, Religious/Spiritual, Student Organizations, Transfer Student

NMU is the perfect place for those with a wanderlust soul, a knack for constant adventures, and the want to get to know others with the same interests as you! No matter your passions, no matter your goals, NMU always has a seat for every kind of person.


Name: Julie
Home State: Michigan
Major: Construction Management
Second Major: Business Management
Involvement: Leadership, Student Organizations

During my first visit to Marquette I fell in love with the town. Marquette is a small town with a big city vibe. Both the campus and the town always have various activities and events. The community is very welcoming to new students. Every weekend offers a new adventure, Sunset point, hammocking at Little Presque, coffee shop study dates, hiking at Sugarloaf or Dead River, or just relaxing and hanging out with friends on campus. The Construction Management program is very hands on and the professors are welcoming. If you have any questions about NMU, the Construction Management program, or Marquette in general feel free to message me!