College Questions

Female student at graduation December 2017How many colleges are there in the USA?
At last count, there were 4,495 degree-granting institutions in the United States. You've got a lot of choices out there, so think carefully.

Which states have the most colleges?
California has 423, more than any other U.S. state. New York is home to 316, followed by Pennsylvania (263), Texas (240), Ohio (213) and Illinois (182). Those six states make up nearly a third of all the colleges in the United States.

Are more students going to college?
Currently, total college enrollment is 18 million students. That's a 28% enrollment over the last ten years. That means there will be lots of students competing for spots, so be sure to keep your grades up.

Are there more men or women in college right now?
Right now, women make up 56 percent of the student body. That number is expect to rise to  percent women by 2015.

Do more students go to public or private colleges?
There are 13 million students enrolled at public schools while 4.5 million students are enrolled at private schools.

Top 10 Majors

Do you know what the most popular college majors are around the United States? Last year's top 10 included:


Where do you fit in?

Rest assured there is a "right fit" for you out there. You're on the right track to finding the right spot for you. By planning ahead, doing your own research (you're reading this so you're on your way), and visiting schools, you'll be able to figure out which schools would be a good fit for you. Think about what is important to you and where you want to be in the future. Then look at what schools might help you meet those goals. Remember, you can always ask lots of questions. Your college admissions counselors are here to help.

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