Burn the Bulge

  • Girl skiing at Marquette MountainWalk it off. Your head is filled with French verb conjugations, you're worried about that 10-page paper you haven't done yet, and you miss your high school flame. Can't concentrate? If it's a beautiful day, take a stroll around Presque Isle. You'll clear your head, stretch your legs and burn off some of lunch as well.
  • Join a team. Need a new way to make some friends? Even if you weren't a top-notch athlete in high school, there are many more opportunities at NMU to get sporty. Choose from softball, lacrosse, diving, basketball, soccer, hockey, mountain biking, skiing and more.
  • Hang with kids. Looking to rack up some community service points? Get involved with children's after-school programs and sports camps. NMU's Volunteer Center would be happy to provide you with some great suggestions.

(Material provided by www.collegebound.net, Alison Crowley and Gina LaGuardia)