Apply for Housing

Dorm roomHousing is generally available on a first-come, first-serve basis. At Northern Michigan University, we guarantee housing to new first-year (freshmen) students.  Not all schools are able to make this promise. Generally, a deposit is needed to reserve a room at the school. It is important that you work to make a decision about where you want to attend so that you can make this deposit in a timely manner. Often, at least part of these fees can be refunded if you decide not to attend that school. Once you are accepted by a school, you will receive a housing application. It is very important that you fill this out and not your parents. The answers that you give to their questions will help to determine where you will live and with whom. You want to get a roommate that you want to live with and not one your parents think you want. So, fill the forms out quickly and honestly and send in your deposit.