Distinguished Faculty Awards Past Recipients


Recipient Department


Dr. Lesley Larkin English 2020
Prof. Michael Andary Technology & Occupational Sciences 2019
Dr. Adam Prus Psychological Sciences 2018

Dr. Joe Lubig

Education, Leadership, and Public Service 2017
Dr. Neil Russell Physics 2017
Dr. Charles Ganzert Communication & Media Studies 2016
Dr. Brian Gnauck College of Business 2016
Dr. David Wood English 2015
Dr. Judith Puncochar Education, Leadership and Public Service 2014
Prof. Michael Strahan Academic Information Services 2014
Dr. Alec Lindsay Biology 2013
Dr. Suzanne Standerford Education 2013
Dr. Tim Compton Languages 2013
Dr. Randy Jensen HPER 2012
Dr. Ken Janson Business 2011
Dr. Mary Jane Tremethick HPER 2011
Dr. Shelley Russell CAMS 2011
Dr. Larry Pagel Business 2010
Prof. Eileen Smit Nursing 2010
Dr. Jaspal Singh English 2009
Dr. Jill Leonard Biology 2009
Dr. Tawni Ferrarini Economics 2009
Dr. Dwight Brady CAMS 2008
Dr. Greg Warchol Criminal Justice 2008
Dr. Kerri Schuiling Nursing 2007
Dr. Laura Reissner Education 2007
Dr. Mohey Mowafy PEIF 2007
Dr. David Lucas Physics 2006
Prof. John Smolens English 2006
Prof. Michael Cinelli Art and Design 2006
Dr. Peggy A. House Mathematics and CS 2005
Dr. Peter H. Goodrich English 2005
Dr. Robert J. Kulisheck Political Science 2005
Dr. Donald E. Dreisbach Philosophy 2004
Dr. Gary Brunswick College of Business 2004
Dr. Teresa C. (Kynell) Hunt English 2004
Dr. Carol A. Bays English 2003
Dr. David E. Cooper Philosophy 2003
Dr. Kathleen O. Thompson Nursing 2003
Dr. Harvey A. Wallace HPER 2002
Dr. John F. Rebers Biology 2002
Dr. Paul T. Andronis Psychology 2002
Dr. James G. Cantrill Communications & PS 2001
Dr. N. Suzanne Standerford School of Education 2001
Prof. Sandra E. Poindexter College of Business 2001
Dr. Louise M. Bourgault Communication & P S 2000
Prof. Lucille A. Contois Clinical Laboratory Sciences 2000