Is CR/NC the same as pass/fail?  Some schools use pass/fail, satisfactory/unsatisfactory, credit/no-credit, etc.  For our purposes, you may assume that pass/fail is the same as CR/NC.


What does CR and NC mean?  A CR grade means you “passed” the course with at least a D- grade and earned the credit for it; an NC grade means you “failed” the course and did not earn credit for it.


Do CR and NC grades count in my semester or cumulative GPA?  No.  Neither a CR nor an NC grade will affect your GPA.


Do I still earn credit for CR and NC grades?  If you earn a CR grade, you earn the credit for that course.  If you earn an NC grade, you do not earn any credit for the course.


May I take a CR/NC grade in one course and take the letter grade (A-F) in another course?  Yes.  You will have an option to use CR/NC or letter grade for each of your courses.


Will a CR grade count for meeting a requirement like English or math competency?  Yes, the CR grade will meet the General Education and graduation competency requirements. 


My major requires that I maintain a 2.50 GPA in my major courses.  Will CR/NC grades affect that requirement?  CR and NC grades will not impact the GPA for your major, just as they won’t impact your overall GPA. 


My major (or minor) requires that I earn a C or higher in major courses.  Will a CR grade meet that requirement?  If your original grade issued was a C or higher, your CR grade would meet this requirement.  If your original grade was lower than a C, it is up to each department as to whether they will accept the CR or not.


Can I be on the Dean’s List with CR/NC grades?  It depends.  If you have at least eight (8) credits in courses with letter grades (A-F) and earn at least a 3.50 semester GPA, you qualify for the Dean’s List.


If I take an NC grade, do I need to repeat the course?  It depends.  An NC means you don’t earn credit for the course, so if the course is required for your major or minor or “other required” courses in your major or minor, yes, you will have to repeat the course.  If it is a general education course or a general elective, you may repeat the course or choose another course.


Will CR/NC grades affect my financial aid eligibility?  It depends.  If you are currently on financial aid warning status, CR/NC grades may affect your financial aid eligibility.  You should consult with staff in the Financial Aid Office before you select the CR/NC option.


Will CR/NC grades affect my academic scholarship?  Possibly.  You should consult with staff in the Financial Aid Office before you select the CR/NC option if your scholarship is dependent upon your semester GPA.


Will CR/NC grades affect my eligibility for veteran’s benefits?  It is unlikely, but if you are receiving veteran’s benefits, you should consult with staff in the Veteran’s Service Office before you select the CR/NC option.


I am an athlete.  Will CR/NC grades affect NCAA eligibility?  Eligibility to participate in varsity athletics may be impacted by CR/NC grades.  You should consult with Athletic Department staff before you select the CR/NC option.


Will CR/NC grades affect specific program accreditation or licensing requirements?  Possibly.  You should consult with your adviser if you are in a program that is separately accredited or leads to certification or licensure.


Will CR/NC grades affect my admission to a graduate school or program?  Possibly.  You should consult with an official from the graduate school to which you will be applying.


What happens if I am repeating a course and take a CR/NC grade?  The course repeat policy indicates that if a course is repeated, it is the last (most recent) grade and credit hours that will be used for awarding credits and computing a student’s GPA.  This applies to both letter (A-F) and CR/NC grades.


What happens if I am awarded an “I” (Incomplete) grade(s) – may I use CR/NC when I complete the course(s)?  It depends.  The CR/NC option will expire on May 22nd.  If you complete the I graded course(s) before then and are awarded a grade, you may use the CR/NC option.  If you do not complete the assigned work as part of the I grade course(s) before May 22nd, you will not be able to exercise the CR/NC option.


I am graduating in May.  Will I still be able to choose CR/NC grading?  Yes, you will.  We will wait until after May 22 (the CR/NC decision deadline) to assess academic honors and post your degree to your transcript.


If I had a first block course that ended prior to Spring Break, will I still have the option of selecting CR/NC grading?  No.  The CR/NC grading option is only available for coursework that was in progress after Spring Break when the COVID-19 related changes went into effect.  Courses completed prior to that are not included and the original grade will stand.