Academic Probation Frequently Asked Questions

professor and female studentWhy am I on academic probation (AP)?
Any student whose overall NMU grade point average is below 2.0 is placed on academic probation (AP). 

How would I have been notified?
At the end of the semester, once grading is complete and grades become official, you will see your academic status online with your grades. If you are a student new to academic probation, you will receive an e-mail stating your academic standing and requesting you to complete the academic probation agreement.

What is this academic probation agreement about?
The academic probation agreement is a form you are asked to sign either online or in paper form in the Academic and Career Advisement Center, Hedgcock 3302. You are asked to sign it to:

  • acknowledge your AP status; and
  • be aware of the academic standards you must attain for the semester to prevent suspension.

What happens if I don’t sign it?
If you do not sign the academic probation agreement, there is a hold that will remain on your account preventing any future course registration.You will be held to the terms of the agreement, even if you do not sign it.

Am I being punished for something?
Absolutely not. It is your warning that you need to turn things around or you will be unable to graduate from NMU.

Will other students know that I am on academic probation?
Other than your academic adviser and selected University staff, the only one who knows that you are on AP is you and anyone you tell. It is also unlikely that the faculty teaching your courses will know--unless you tell them.

How long will I be on academic probation?
That is completely up to you.  (See below.)

How do I get off academic probation?
Once your overall NMU GPA is above a 2.0 (C average), you will be considered in good standing.   

What happens if I do not earn the necessary grades to stay in school?
If you fail to earn the required semester GPA (based on your number of GPA credits at the end of the semester--see table below--you will be suspended. If you have already been suspended once, you will be dismissed. (See Academic Proficiency Standards.)

If I am suspended, what are my options?
Academic suspensions usually last for one year.  Students with extenuating circumstances that caused them to be suspended can appeal to the Admission and Academic Policy Committee (AAPC) for the right to return early. Unless these circumstances are clearly beyond the student’s control, the student’s situation has completely changed, or the student has spent successful time at community college, appeals are rarely granted. After a first suspension, a student is able to return after one year by filling out a re-entry update form and then meeting with the academic proficiency officer. 

If I am dismissed, what are my options?
Community college and/or gainful employment are the recommended choices for dismissed students looking to return to NMU. Being granted an appeal is the only way you will be allowed to attend NMU again.

reading bookWhat all is included in an appeal?
A complete appeal requires the following: 

  • a completed appeal form answering all questions;
  • relevant documentation of any circumstances noted in the appeal (doctors report, death certificate, newspaper clippings, etc.);
  • any letters of support you can secure from professors, advisers, supervisors, etc; and
  • transcripts from any school in which you were enrolled since leaving NMU.

Incomplete appeals will not be presented to the AAPC.

What if I’m not satisfied with the results of my appeal?
The AAPC’s job is to make tough decisions on situations like yours. If your appeal is denied, it is not meant to be a punishment; the AAPC wants to make sure that you will be successful, since if you are suspended again, you will be finished as a student at NMU. Unless there is new documentation, new and different circumstances not considered previously, etc, all decisions made by the AAPC are final.

Whom may I speak with if I have additional questions?
Academic and Career Advisement Center
3302 C.B. Hedgcock
Phone: 906-227-2971