Transfer Students

Students must complete a total of 40 credits as shown in the table below. If students take the maximum recommended number of credits in each division, they will accumulate the total required. Students taking the minimum recommended number of credits in any division will fall short of the total number of credits required. This deficiency may be made up by taking the appropriate number of credits from any of the six division provided that they have taken at least the minimum in each division. NOTE: Students can count no more than 8 Liberal Studies credits (excluding the EN 111 and EN 211 composition courses) from any one academic department toward the overall Liberal Studies requirements.

Division Title Credits
Division 1 Foundations of Communication 6-8
Division 2 Foundations of Humanities 6-8
Division 3 Foundations of Natural Sciences 6-8
Division 4 Foundations of Social Sciences 6-8
Division 5 Foundations of Formal Communications 3-4
Division 6 Foundations of Visual and Performing Arts 3-4
  Total Required Credits 40

Upper Division Course Requirement

At least three liberal studies credits must be at the 300 level or above, chosen from the list of courses included in this section. All such courses have the prerequisite of sophomore standing and completion of the composition requirement.

Graduation Requirements

There are three baccalaureate graduation requirements that students must complete. 

  1. A Laboratory Science course (one course selected from those listed as laboratory science courses in Division III of the Liberal Studies Program)
  2. A World Cultures course (one course selected from the list of World Cultures)
  3. The Writing Proficiency requirement (students must earn at least a "C" grade in both EN111-College Composition I and EN211-College Composition II)

Additional Baccalaureate Requirements

  1. The Upper-Division Liberal Studies requirement (one course at the 300-level or higher of at least three credits).
  2. The Health Promotion requirement (two credits - HP 200 and one HP 200-level activity course)

**Students beginning in the 2016 Fall Semester and beyond no longer need to meet the Health Promotion requirement, unless specifically required for their major.**

Associate, Certificate and Diploma Requirements

Prior to Fall 2016, students must complete the specific requirements of their academic program, and must also complete the Health Promotion course, HP 200 - Physical Well Being (one credit hour).

**Students beginning in the 2016 Fall Semester and beyond no longer need to meet the Health Promotion requirement, unless specifically required for their program.**

Laboratory Science Requirement

The Laboratory Science course a student takes must come from those listed within the Natural Sciences Division of the Liberal Studies. A complete list of these courses can be found in the Northern Michigan University Undergraduate Bulletin.

World Cultures

The World Cultures Course requirement may be met by taking an approved course as part of fulfilling the Liberal Studies requirement, by taking an approved course which is required for a particular major or minor, or by taking an approved course as an elective.

Health Promotion Requirement

The Physical Education Requirement is a graduation requirement. Students must complete 2 credit hours of Health Promotion courses. One credit will be taken in theory, HP 200 (or HP 250 for some select majors), and one credit will be taken in any designated HP activity class.

In addition, there are limits, based on degree track, on the number of HP activity credits which students can count toward graduation.

  • Students in a baccalaureate program may count up to six (6) credits of HP classes toward graduation.
  • Students in an associate degree program may count up to three (3) credits of HP courses toward graduation.
  • Students in a certificate program may count up to two (2) credits of HP courses toward graduation.
  • Students with majors and/or minors in the School of Health and Human Performance have different requirements.

Writing Proficiency Exam

Students graduating in May or August of 2006 will be required to pass the Writing Proficiency Exam in order to graduate. (The WPE will not be administered beyond the summer of 2006.)

Currently-enrolled students who will graduate in December, 2006, or beyond must have earned at least a “C-“ grade in EN 111 and a “C” grade in EN 211 in order to graduate.

All students enrolling in EN 111 for the first time in the 2006 Fall Semester or beyond will be required to earn a “C” grade in both EN 111 and EN 211 in order to graduate.

Limitations and Special Situations

Interdisciplinary Studies - To advise students in Interdisciplinary Majors, see that section in the Northern Michigan University Undergraduate Bulletin.

Special Note for Transfer Students

Transfer students are governed by the requirements that were in effect at NMU when they first entered college, not when they first entered NMU, provided that their first collegiate experience does not precede their NMU enrollment by more than three years. Students who enter under the MACRAO agreement have special provisions. See the appropriate section of the Northern Michigan University Undergraduate Bulletin for further information regarding the MACRAO agreement.

Applying Transfer Credits to Liberal Studies
(Excludes MACRAO approved transcripts)

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Has the student completed the minimum number of credits required for each division (3 or 6 credits depending on division)?
  • Which divisions are short required credits? How many credits are needed?
  • When minimum credits are met in each division, what is the total number of credits that will be earned?
  • Subtract total number of credits that will be earned (see #3) from the total of 40 credits required to meet the liberal studies requirement.
  • If the student is short of the 40 credits, they can make up the difference with additional approved liberal studies courses. a. The courses can be taken from any division b. The number of credits from any one department can not exceed 8 credits, except for courses satisfying the Composition requirements (EN). c. No liberal studies courses can have the same pre-fix as the student's first major or first minor, unless major or minor are interdepartmental.
  • Does the student need a 300/400 level Liberal Studies course? Does the student need a Laboratory and/or World Cultures course? (These last two are graduation requirements which can be met within Liberal Studies or the Major/Minor.)
  • If, after fulfilling all Liberal Studies requirements, the student exceeds 40 credits, the additional credits can be used as general elective credits.

Key to Abbreviations used on the Transfer Credit Evaluation When there is not an Equivalent Course at NMU

CR - college credit awarded, no NMU equivalent course
HUM - Humanities credit
NS (lab) - Natural Science credit with Lab
NS - - Natural Science credit
SS - Social Science credit
FS - Formal Communication Studies credit
VPA - Visual and Performing Arts credit
CR - example AD CR = art credit) Space denotes alpha course ID when course is given elective status within a department. The advising department determines if credit counts within the major/minor.

Example of Transfer Liberal Studies

EN111 4 SO101 3
EN211 2 BI100 4
PL100 3 CIS110 3
EN371 3 VPA CR 3
  Course ID Minimum Cr Required Credits Earned Credits Needed


EN 111
EN 211
DIVISION TOTAL   6 (8) 6 0


PL 100
EN 371
DIVISION TOTAL   6 (8) 8 0

Social Science

SO 101   3  
DIVISION TOTAL   6 (8) 3 0

Natural Science

BI 100
DIVISION TOTAL   6 (8) 8 0

Formal Communications

CIS 110   3  
DIVISION TOTAL   3 (4) 3 0

Visual & Performing SD

VP CR   3  
DIVISION TOTAL   3 (4) 3 0


  40 31 3
  • All divisions, with exception of Social Science, meet the minimum number of credits required.
  • All approved Social Science courses are four credits, so student will meet SS division with a 4 credit course from NMU bringing the division total to 7 credits.
  • Credits earned column will increase from 31 to 35 with 4 credit SS course.

    Previous credits earned 31
    Social Science course 4
    New division credit total 35

  • Credits required for Liberal Studies (40), minus total division credits earned (35), equals number of additional credits required (5).

Contact the Degree Audits Office at 906-227-2257 for more information about individual situations.