Graduation Requirements

There are three baccalaureate graduation requirements that students must complete.  They are: (1) a laboratory science course (one course selected from those listed as laboratory science courses in Division III of the Liberal Studies Program); (2) a World Cultures course; and (3) the health promotion requirement (two credits - HP 200 and one HP 200-level activity course).  While the baccalaureate graduation requirements are not, strictly speaking, part of the liberal studies program, they often can be fulfilled by courses that meet with various divisional liberal studies requirements.

Additional Baccalaureate Requirements

In addition to the graduation requirements above, baccalaureate students must complete other general requirements in addition to specific requirements of their major and/or minor.  These include: (1) the writing proficiency requirement (students must earn at least a "C" grade in both EN111 and EN211); and (2) the upper-division Liberal Studies requirement (one course at the 300-level or higher of at least three credits).

Associate, Certificate and Diploma Requirements

In addition to the specific requirements of their academic program, students completing an associate degree, certificate or diploma must also complete an HP 200 (physical well being) course (one credit hour).