advisor and studentThe Academic and Career Advisement Center is the place for answers to all of your academic and career questions. Professional advisers are here to guide you through your search for a major and/or career in a confidential and impartial manner. They are also available through our Virtual Advising Center, where you can ask them questions any time of the day or night. 

Academic Advising Philosophy

Northern Michigan University is committed to the academic and professional development of its students. While a student’s academic program is ultimately his or her own responsibility, the university, through the academic advising process, provides the student with information about career options, educational programs, courses, resources, policies and procedures.

The academic advising process is a shared responsibility that involves administration, faculty, staff and student peers. However, a key element is the student-adviser relationship. In this relationship, a faculty or staff adviser and student work together to select, plan and accomplish the student’s academic and professional goals. This relationship also provides students with an opportunity to affiliate with professionals in their chosen disciplines.