Academic Proficiency and Probation

The academic proficiency policy defines the academic standards students must meet to be considered academically successful at NMU. Poor progress toward a degree can sometimes impact eligibility to remain at NMU and possible financial aid resources. Students with an NMU GPA at, or above, 2.00 are considered in Academic Good Standing. Students with a GPA below this level will be placed on probation and may have to meet certain semester GPA requirements to remain at NMU. Students are asked to sign a Warning or Academic Probation Agreement Form that further outlines the details of their probation.

Academic good standing is defined as a 2.00 overall NMU grade point average (GPA). This GPA only includes grades earned while at NMU and does not include Transfer, Advanced Placement, or other Non-NMU grades.

To learn more about NMU’s specific academic proficiency standards or about the different types of probation programs, click on the links to the right.