Academic Feedback System

Academic Feedback System

Through the portal, faculty members are able to provide academic feedback to selected students, if desired, during a semester. The feedback can include rating attendance, participation, tests/quizzes and homework, and entering an anticipated grade.

There is a field where faculty can also offer suggestions for improvement such as meeting with the instructor, seeking tutoring, doing make-up assignments, better preparing for class and/or improving time management.

This is an important tool for faculty and students, especially students who are struggling in class or are on academic probation, as it gives them a chance to track their progress and seek assistance before they fall behind or it’s too late to make a difference in their grade.

Of course, the academic feedback system is not intended to replace personal communication with students, but it does provide a record of your input and can be viewed by a student’s adviser, allowing him or her an objective overview of a student’s overall performance.

To use the NMU Academic Feedback system

  1. Go to
  2. Go to the “Adviser Services” tab at the far right and click
  3. Look for the “Academic Feedback System” box on the right.
  4. Click “enter feedback” to input information about a student in your course or click “view feedback by advisee” to see what information faculty members have provided for your advisee.
  5. If you need technical assistance, contact the NMU Help Desk at 906-227-2468.