Admission and Academic Policies Committee

Operating Procedures and Bylaws

Revised: August 2004


1.0 Committee Membership, Meeting Times, and Elections

1.1 The Admissions and Academic Policies Committee (AAPC) is a major standing committee of the Academic Senate.

1.2 The AAPC shall consist of fourteen voting members:

Nine members of the faculty appointed in accordance with the Bylaws of the Academic Senate

  • One undergraduate student in good standing appointed by ASNMU
  • One member appointed by the Dean of Students
  • One member appointed by the Registrar
  • Two members appointed by the Associate Provost for Student Services and Enrollment (one from Admissions and one from the Academic and Career Advisement Center)

The Dean of Students and Registrar will serve as ex officio members of the committee

1.3 The AAPC shall establish a regularly scheduled time and place for meetings held throughout the academic year.  This schedule shall include dates for academic appeal meetings as specified in the Academic Proficiency Policy.  Additional meetings may be called by the Chair.

1.4 If a Committee member is absent without an excuse for three or more meetings in an academic year, the Chair is authorized to seek the immediate replacement of that member.

1.5 A quorum shall consist of eight (8) committee members, five (5) of whom shall be faculty.

1.6 Approval of a motion shall require a simple majority of those members present, with the exception of action taken in response to academic appeals, which shall require approval by two-thirds of the members present.

1.7 Amendments to these bylaws shall require approval by two-thirds of the members present and subject to approval by the Academic Senate.

1.8 The Committee shall meet in the winter semester to elect the Chair for the following year.  The Chair shall have a minimum of one year’s experience on the Committee.  The new Chair shall convene an organizational meeting in the fall during which an election will be held for Vice-Chair and Secretary.  Terms of office shall be one calendar year.

1.9 In order to ensure sufficient membership in the interim between the close of the academic year and the opening of the fall semester, the Committee may, at the discretion of the Chair, include faculty who have been appointed to the Committee for the next academic year.


2.0 Responsibilities of Officers

2.1 The Chair shall convene meetings and coordinate the activities of the AAPC with those of other academic bodies on campus.

2.2 The Chair, with the Secretary’s assistance, shall submit reports, including the End-of-Year Report, to the Senate for action

2.3 The Chair shall prepare and distribute an agenda for each regularly scheduled meeting

2.4 The Vice-Chair shall assume the duties of Chair in his/her absence.

2.5 The Secretary shall maintain a record of the meetings and business of the Committee. Minutes of the previous meeting shall normally be distributed to the membership prior to the next meeting

2.6 Approved minutes of AAPC meetings shall be filed with the Academic Senate by the Secretary.



3.0 Functions of the Committee


3.1 The AAPC shall respond to charges from the Academic senate on issues relevant to academic advisement, academic proficiency, and admissions policies.

3.2 The AAPC shall be responsible for formulation and review of policies and standards pertaining to undergraduate admissions and academic standards and proficiency.  The Committee shall hear and act upon academic appeals as outlined in the Academic Proficiency Policy. 

3.3 The AAPC shall conduct periodic review and evaluation of the Academic Proficiency and Admissions Policies. 

3.4 The AAPC shall hear and act upon appeals as outlined in the Academic Proficiency Policy. 

3.4.1. The Dean of Students or a designee may request that the Committee convene for the purpose of hearing appeals on an emergency basis as outlined in the Academic Proficiency Policy. 

3.4.2. In the event that it is not possible to convene a quorum for the purpose of hearing appeals, the Dean of Students or a designee and the Chair of AAPC or a designee shall be empowered to act on appeals on an emergency basis.

3.4.3. Should it become necessary for the Dean of Students to act in accordance with section 3.4.2, the Dean shall report to the Committee at the next regularly scheduled meeting the number of appeals acted upon an the rationale for the action taken in each case.

3.5 The AAPC may act in an advisory capacity to the Dean of Students.


4.0 Subcommittees

4.1 AAPC shall form or dissolve subcommittees as necessary.

4.2 All subcommittees shall report to the AAPC as a whole.