Cynthia Prosen (Graduate Studies, Research and Continuing Education) and former NMU student Sarah Kimar, who now attends graduate school at Wayne State University, co-authored an article titled "Auditory filter shapes of CBA/CaJ mice: Behavioral assessments." It was published in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. The article highlighted results of a study that suggested auditory filtering effects in adult CBA/CaJ mice are similar to normal processes in other mammalian species and provide an excellent model of human presbycusis, or age-related hearing loss.

Two articles by Neil Cumberlidge (Biology) were published in the Rapid Assessment Program (RAP) Bulletin of Biological Assessment by Conservation International in Washington, DC. The articles relay the results of a three-week biodiversity survey conducted by Cumberlidge last year of the decapod crustaceans of mangrove and freshwater ecosystems in Guinea, West Africa. The RAP Bulletin is in French and the title of Cumberlidge’s contributions are: “Inventaire rapide des crustacés décapodes de la préfecture de Boké en Guinée” (A rapid assessment of the Decapod Crustaceans of the Boké Prefecture, Guinea); and “Description des éspeces de crustacés collectées dans le nord-ouest de la Guinée" (Description of the species of Crustaceans in northwest Guinea).

Cumberlidge visited Guinea in 2005 as part of a small RAP team of expert international and host-country tropical field biologists to conduct a rapid first-cut assessment of the biological value of three selected areas. The team used three different tented base camps located in the coastal zone near Kamsar and in the forest and savanna area in the Sarabaya region of Guinea. Cumberlidge was one of two specialists from the United States. He was charged with surveying the crustaceans, based on his previous research and publications on the freshwater crabs of Africa. He said the highlight of his trip was the discovery of a new population of a species red-listed as endangered. “I was able to preserve a specimen for DNA analysis and this has already been sequenced and included in my evolutionary studies of this groups of crabs,” Cumberlidge said.


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