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Mary L. Campbell Scholarship

The Mary L. Campbell Scholarship is awarded to students with high academic ability and need.  First-year students who apply to the honors program will be given first priority, so early application to the honors program is encouraged.  Awards are $1,000 annually, and students may receive the award for four years.  The number of scholarships will vary with the earnings of the endowment fund.


Honors-Transcript Designation

Graduates of the university who complete four years in the honors program will have the full honors designation printed on their official transcripts.  Those who complete either the first two years or the second two years will have the appropriate lower or upper division designation printed on their transcripts.


Undergraduate Bulletin


Honors Program



Honors at NMU

The honors program provides academically talented students with a four-year series of interdisciplinary and department-based courses designed to complement the student's undergraduate degree, regardless of major field.  The honors program is not an academic major itself, but substitutes specially-designed courses for most of the liberal studies and university-wide graduation requirements while providing unique leaning experiences.


The Academic Program

Full, lower, and upper division honors may be earned.  For full honors, students earn 24 credits of liberal studies credit by completing interdisciplinary core courses usually in the first and second years.  In the third and fourth years, students complete 12 credits of contract courses that count toward liberal studies, major, and/or minor requirements, depending on the student's curriculum.  In the fourth year, honors program students enroll in a capstone senior experience, completing a research project of independent design.  In addition, students must demonstrate proficiency in mathematics at the MA 115 (Pre-Calculus) or higher and at the fourth semester course in a foreign language (202) for full honors designation.  Proficiency can be demonstrated by advanced placement (AP) credit, course work, or appropriate examination.  Depending on the student's program, credit earned in mathematics and languages may count toward liberal studies requirements in foundations of natural sciences/mathematics and formal communication studies, respectively.


Students may also complete the first two years of the program for lower division honors or the second two years for upper division honors.  Students doing so complete the Honors Program courses in the lower or upper division and demonstrate either mathematics or language proficiency.


Honors Core Courses

Students successfully completing all four first-year core courses will earn required liberal studies credit in foundations of communication, foundations of humanities, and foundations of visual and performing arts.  Those successfully completing both of the 200-level courses will earn four credits each of the required liberal studies credits in foundations of social sciences and foundations of natural sciences/mathematics.  See Course Descriptions section of this bulletin.


New students who have earned advanced placement or college credit from dual enrollment in composition, earn additional credit in humanities in the first-semester core courses.


Contract Courses

These courses may be used to support the honors program student's major, minor, or liberal studies requirements, but may not overlap with other honors program course requirements.  Students should complete 12 credits in honors contract courses, at least eight at the 300-level or higher.  PY 100H and SO 101H may be substituted in this group.  By agreement between academic departments and the honors program, qualified honors program students may enroll in existing 300 or higher undergraduate department courses for honors program contract course credit.  Prerequisites for selected courses must be met before enrollment.  No later than the second week of the semester, the student must complete an honors program course contract in which different or additional course work is specified after consultation with the instructor.  Readings; field, lab, or studio work; and paper, presentation, or performance will be spelled out in sufficient detail, to the satisfaction of all parties.  To earn honors program credit notation on the transcript, the student must earn at least a "B."


Senior Capstone Experience

In their last year of study, honors program students enroll in a senior capstone experience in which they design, develop, and present a research, performance, or exhibition project in cooperation with faculty supervision.


Admissions and Retention Policies

Qualifications for first-year student admission to the honors program normally include a 3.50 high school grade point average, a score of 27 or higher on the ACT (or equivalent SAT combined score), two letters of recommendation from high school teachers, counselor, and/or principal, and a written personal statement. Currently enrolled and transfer students with demonstrated academic ability may also join the honors program.  In this highly competitive program, the university retains the right to exercise judgment regarding the eligibility of the applicants.  To remain in the honors program, students must maintain a 3.00university grade point average.



Every honors program student will be advised by both a major department advisor and an honors program mentor.  Honors program students will also receive counseling for advanced degree work and professional employment.


Full- and Two-Year Honors-Transcript Designation

Students who complete four years in the honors program will have the full honors designation printed on their official transcripts.  Those who complete either the first two years or the second two years will have the appropriate lower or upper division designation printed on their transcripts.

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