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Administration, Board of Trustees and Emeritus Faculty, Staff and Trustees


Board of Trustees

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Mary Lincoln Campbell, Chair

Karl A. Weber, Vice Chair

Alan T. Ackerman

Samuel S. Benedict

Scott L. Holman

Larry C. Inman

Mary C. Lukens

Douglas B. Roberts


University Administration

President, Interim, Michael J. Roy

Vice President for Finance and Administration, Michael J. Roy

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Alfred N. Joyal III

Associate Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Leonard G. Heldreth

Associate Provost for Student Services and Enrollment, William A. Bernard

Associate Vice President for Business Services and Facilities, Carl S. Pace

Associate Vice President for Planning and Analytical Studies, Paul B. Duby

Associate Vice President for Recreation and Athletics, Kenneth G. Godfrey

Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Services, Andrew V. Wasilewski

Assistant Provost for Community College Programs, Mark A. Curtis

Admissions, Gerri L. Daniels

Alumni Relations, Martha B. Van Der Kamp

Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, Board of Trustees (Acting), R. Gavin Leach

Continuing Education and Sponsored Programs Paul T. McKelvey

Dean of Students, Edward J. Niemi

Development Fund, Virginia R. Zinser

Financial Aid, Mark J. Delorey

Health Center, Thomas W. Schacht

Housing and Residence Life, Carl D. Holm

Learning Resources, Scott K. Seaman

Public Safety and Police Services, Kenneth A. Chant

Registrar, Marilyn M. Robbert


Academic Deans

Academic Information Services, Darlene M. Pierce

College of Arts and Sciences, Terrance L. Seethoff

College of Arts and Sciences, Donald J. Rybacki, Associate Dean

College of Professional Studies, M. Cameron Howes

College of Professional Studies, Paul L. Lang, Associate Dean

College of Technology and Applied Sciences, Mark A. Curtis

Walker L. Cisler College of Business, James H. Scheiner


Academic Department Heads

Art and Design, Michael J. Cinelli

Biology, Neil Cumberlidge

Chemistry, Neil Cumberlidge

Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Lucille A. Contois

Communication and Performance Studies, Donald J. Rybacki

Communication Disorders, Roger L. Towne

Criminal Justice, Paul L. Lang

Economics, Russel M. Magnaghi

Education, School of Debra K. Thatcher

Engineering Technology, William H. Rigby

English, James M. Schiffer

Environmental Science, Ronald C. Sundell, Program Director

Geography, Michael J. Broadway

Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, Harvey A. Wallace

History, Russel M. Magnaghi

Honors Program, William L. Knox, Program Director

International Studies, John L. Weting, Program Director

Liberal Arts and Sciences, Katherine B. Payant, Program Director

Mathematics and Computer Science, G. Jailam Zalmai

Military Science, John H. Vickers

Modern Languages and Literatures, Timothy G. Compton

Music, Donald R. Grant

Native American Studies, Martin Reinhardt, Program Director

Nursing-Baccalaureate, Kerri D. Schuiling

Nursing-Practical, Kerri D. Schuiling

Philosophy, Russel M. Magnaghi

Physics, David J. Lucas

Political Science and Public Administration, Russel M. Magnaghi

Psychology, Harry A. Whitaker

Sociology and Social Work, Ira Hutchison

Technology and Occupational Sciences, William H. Rigby

Center for Upper Peninsula Studies, John B. Anderton, Program Director


Past University Presidents

Dwight B. Waldo, 1899-1904

James H. B. Kaye, 1904-1923

John M. Munson, 1923-1933

Webster H. Pearce, 1933-1940

Henry A. Tape, 1940-1956

Edgar L. Harden, 1956-1967

Ogden E. Johnson, Interim 1967-1968

John X. Jamrich, 1968-1983

James B. Appleberry, 1983-1991

William E. Vandament, 1991-1997

Judith I. Bailey, 1997-2003


Emeritus Faculty-Staff-Trustees

Dates in parentheses indicate year of retirement; department titles are current.

Arnold A. Aho (1997) Economics

Richard V. Allenstein (1994) Chemistry

Walter A. Anderson (2001) Technology and Occupational Sciences

Hugh B. Andrews (2002) English

Maureen G. Andrews (2002) English

James B. Appleberry (1991) President

John J. Argeropoulos (1996) School of Education

John B. Ashby (2001) Political Science and Public Administration

William W. Babcock (2001) Mathematics and Computer Science

Roger D. Barry (1997) Chemistry

Fred P. Berry (1988) Political Science and Public Administration

Robert O. Berube (2002) Trustee Emeritus

Ramachandran Bharath (1997) College of Business

Joseph B. Billings (2001) Engineering Technology

David Blomquist (2000) School of Education

Thaddeus C. Bogdan (2001) Technology and Occupational Sciences

Catherine K. Bothwell (1981) English

Jeannette S. Bowden (1980) Executive Assistant, Presidentís Office

Maynard C. Bowers (1998) Biology

Gildo A. Canale (1992) Health, Physical Education and Recreation

Neil W. Carlson (1997) Economics

James L. Carter (1996) Communications and Marketing

Robert E. Carter (1993) School of Education

Richard J. Celello (1998) Trustee

Michael H. Clark (2000) Communications and Marketing

James M. Collins (1992) Trustee

Phoebe A. Crouch (1983) Nursing

Daryl R. Davis (2002) English

Rosemary L. DeLoach (1985) College of Business

Robert H. Dornquast (2001) Communication and Performance Studies

Pryse H. Duerfeldt (1997) Psychology

Connie Hamm Duncanson (1995) Psychology

Fillmore Earney (1996) Geography

Lon L. Emerick (1986) Communication Disorders

J. Pat Farrell (1996) Geography

Leslie D. Foster (2002) English

John E. Frey (1995) Chemistry

Miodrag J. Georgevich (1986) Political Science and Public Administration

Gorden Gill (1984) Biology

Robert B. Glenn (1997) English

James Godell (1996) College of Business

Richard K. Gorski (1993) Art and Design

Rolande Graves (2001) Modern Languages and Literatures

Elisha Greifer (1997) Political Science and Public Administration

Gail D. Griffith (1993) Chemistry

Thomas Griffith (1993) Chemistry

Virginia A. Grundstrom (1986) Technology and Occupational Sciences

Harry P. Guenther (2000) College of Business

Donald R. Hamari (2001) Technology and Occupational Sciences

Harlyn D. Hamm (1988) Psychology

Robert N. Hanson (1991) College of Business

Edward F. Havlik (1997) Trustee

Roy E. Heath (1980) Dean of Graduate Studies

Donald D. Heikkinen (1992) College of Arts and Sciences

Roberta M. Henderson (1993) Olson Library

James D. Hendricks (2002) Education

Earl R. Hilton (1980) English

Everett Hogan (1992) Sociology and Social Work

Thomas K. Holmstrom (1986) Economics

John D. Hughes (1991) Geography

Gerald D. Jacobs (1997) Chemistry

Larry James (2001) Technology and Occupational Sciences

John X. Jamrich (1983) President

Hugh E. Jarvis (1992) Trustee

Jimmy D. Jarvis (2001) Technology and Occupational Sciences

James H. Jones (1993) English

Rowena R. Jones (1993) English

Lowell G. Kafer (1995) School of Education

Alson I. Kaumeheiwa (1994) Technology and Occupational Sciences

Kenneth Kelley (1997) Sociology and Social Work

David W. Kingston (2002) Chemistry

Sylvia A. Kinnunen (1981) School of Education

Thomas L. Knauss (1988) Mathematics and Computer Science

Martin Kopenski (1997) Biology

Helmut Kreitz (1984) Modern Languages and Literatures

Karen S. Kunkel (1988) Olympic Training Center

Kurt von S. Kynell (1997) Criminal Justice

Susan J. Larson (2001) Sociology and Social Work

Martha B. Laurion (1977) Communication and Performance Studies

Ruth E. Light (2001) Mathematics and Computer Science

R. Raymond Lindstrom (1993) Mathematics and Computer Science

Neil B. MacIntosh (1981) Political Science and Public Administration

Clifford F. Maier (1993) History

James T. Malsack (1992) Trustee

Robert H. Manning (1993) Learning Resources

Roma Jean Mansfield (1997) College of Business

Ruth C. Matthews (1981) Music

Paul E. Mattson (1993) Technology and Occupational Sciences

Phillip A. May (1993) Economics

Robert F. McClellan (1993) History

Robert L. McGinty (2001) Mathematics and Computer Science

Robert B. McNeill (2001) Mathematics and Computer Science

Lowell E. Meier (1993) Health, Physical Education and Recreation

Frederick M. Minnich (2001) Technology and Occupational Sciences

Elmer W. Moisio (2001) School of Nursing

Cairl E. Moore (1995) Technology and Occupational Sciences

William S. Mutch (1993) Mathematics and Computer Science

Arthur B. Neiger (1986) Director, Bureau of School and Community College Services

Lowell D. Neudeck (1999) Biology

Alfred O. Niemi (1980) Geography

Allan L. Niemi (1981) Vice President for Student Affairs

Richard F. O' Dell (1974) History

Delphine M. Parshall (1991) Health, Physical Education and Recreation

Barbara J. Patrick (1991) Health, Physical Education and Recreation

Robert L. Pecotte (2000) Director of Financial Aid

Arthur E. Pennell (1989) English

Bernard C. Peters (1993) Geography

R. Thomas Peters (1994) Assistant to the President

Lewis E. Peters (1996) Biology

Dale E. Phelps (1994) Health, Physical Education and Recreation

James M. Quirk (2000) Art and Design

Harry Rajala (1988) Registrar

William W. Ralph (1996) Physics

James L. Rapport (1998) Communication and Performance Studies

Bruce N. Raudio (1999) Director of Facilities

Karen M. Reese (2001) Vice President of Student Affairs

Orland B. Reynolds (1988) Biology

Lorin C. Richtmeyer (1983) Music

Sue C. Rigby (2000) College of Business

William L. Robinson (1998) Biology

Jarl Roine (1988) Geography

Jerome A. Roth (2002) Chemistry

Edward L. Ruman (1983) School of Education

Elmer J. Schacht (1983) Dean of Education

Ellen G. Schreuder (1998) Trustee

Roland R. Schwitzgoebel (1975) School of Education

Lyle F. Shaw (1991) Vice President for Finance and Administration

Alice M. Shoman (1986) Health, Physical Education and Recreation

Florence M. Slade (1986) Health, Physical Education and Recreation

Peter B. Smith (2001) Communication Disorders

Donald A. Snitgen (1998) Biology

Frederick H. Stenkamp (1993) History

Roland S. Strolle (1974) Vice President for Academic Affairs

Paul N. Suomi (1999) Director of Alumni Relations

Matthew J. Surrell (2000) Vice President and Secretary of the Board

William R. Taggert (2000) Health, Physical Education and Recreation

Sten A. Taube (1997) Geography

Kenrick S. Thompson (1997) Sociology and Social Work

Rollin K. E. Thoren (1975) Biology

Zacharias P. Thundy (2002) English

Donald R. Trost (1988) Olympic Training Center

Emil H. Vajda (1994) Sociology and Social Work

John G. VanBeynen (2001) Mathematics and Computer Science

William E. Vandament (1997) President

Mary L. Vande Berg (1998) School of Nursing

Warren J. Vande Berg (1998) Biology

John Vandezande (2000) English

D. Roberta Verley (2002) Health, Physical Education and Recreation

Gerald P. Waite (2002) English

Helvi E. Walkonen (1983) Olson Library

J. Kerwin Werner (1993) Biology

Robert E. Wester (1986) English

Eugene A. Whitehouse (2002) History

George R. Whitfield (1988) Music

Herriet B. Wilmer (1974) School of Education

G. Katherine Wright (1992) Trustee

Harold E. Wright (1981) Music

Richard D. Wright (2000) Sociology/Social Work

Anne Youngs (2000) English

Marvin R. Zehnder (1997) Art and Design

Gilbert L. Ziegler (2002) Trustee Emeritus

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