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Shared Visions,
Shared Expectations

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Shared Visions, Shared Expectations

Shared Visions

We have a vision of NMU as an institution whose graduates:

  • Obtain employment related to their educational experiences and preparation or are enrolled in graduate or professional programs shortly after graduation.

  • Distinguish themselves in their chosen careers.

  • Play an active role in the affairs of their communities.

We also envision NMU as an institution:

  • Advancing knowledge in academic and technical disciplines for the purpose of enriching the educational experiences of its students.

  • Providing enriched learning experiences through a variety of opportunities for scholarly and creative projects, internships and cooperative educational placements, and co-curricular and leadership opportunities.

  • Offering opportunities for students with varied talents and backgrounds to achieve their educational goals.

  • Promoting respect for cultural diversity and for the existing and potential strengths of individuals.

  • Developing competence in its members to function in a diverse and global society.

  • Maintaining high expectations for the learning environment and the supporting services it provides.

  • Contributing significantly to the cultural and economic environment of its region.

  • Fostering the engagement of faculty as professional educators both in, and beyond, their chosen disciplines.

  • Operating with a shared governance that is the hallmark of a vibrant university.

  • Stressing ethical standards in the treatment of all members of the university community.

We further see NMU as a community in which:

  • The accomplishments of students in all endeavors are applauded.

  • The advances of any part of the university are welcomed because they contribute to the well being of the whole.

Shared Expectations

An Understanding Between Northern Michigan University and the Students It Enrolls



The University will:

  • Provide courses taught primarily by full-time faculty who are knowledgeable about the subject(s) they teach.

  • Expect faculty to use effective teaching approaches (e.g., setting high performance standards, presenting course objectives and means of evaluation as part of the written syllabus, and early and frequent feedback to students [especially freshmen] regarding their performance).

  • Ensure that faculty are available to students enrolled in their classes for consultation regarding course material and expectations and to advisees for assistance with academic planning.

  • Evaluate the quality of teaching and learning on a regular basis and take steps to reinforce and enhance teaching and learning effectiveness.

  • Provide convenient access to academic resources which support the teaching/learning process (e.g., adequate library materials and hours, accessible computer technology, and up-to-date lab equipment).

Students will be expected to:

  • Attend all classes for which they are enrolled and be prepared to fully participate.

  • Be respectful of instructors and fellow learners, showing support for diversity of race, culture, and opinion.

  • Invest the time necessary to achieve course requirements.

  • Learn how to use academic resources, such as the library and computer technology.

  • Engage in discussions, participate in study groups and student organizations,  attend lectures and performing arts programs, etc. that allow them to apply and extend what they learn in the classroom.

The University will:

  • Offer courses of study which provide quality intellectual experiences that prepare students to lead enriched personal lives as professionals and citizens.

  • Make available clearly written information about academic majors, including program requirements, potential career fields, internships and other supplemental opportunities, etc.

  • Offer courses at sufficient frequency and times so that students are able to complete their educational objectives within specified time periods (e.g., four years for a bachelors degree).

  • Publish a multi-year class schedule to assist students and their academic advisors with program planning.

Students will be expected to:

  • Know the requirements for graduation and for their academic majors.

  • Monitor their progress toward meeting academic requirements, seeking assistance from their academic advisors as needed.

  • Take as many courses per semester as feasible considering their other roles and responsibilities.

  • Use elective credits to broaden their intellectual and social experiences.


The University will:

  • Model ethical behavior in all of its policies, practices, and programs.

  • Honestly describe its programs, services, and facilities to prospective students and others with whom it conducts business.

  • Communicate clearly and apply fairly all rules, policies and practices.

  • Encourage academic honesty and other ethical behavior.

  • Offer good value for the studentís dollars spent, keeping tuition, required fees, room and board, and other costs within the lower quarter of Michigan public universities.

Students will be expected to:

  • Behave in a manner consistent with the principles of academic honesty and other ethical behavior.

  • Challenge acts of academic dishonesty and unethical behavior by members of the university community.


The University will:

  • Guarantee and model freedom of expression.

  • Provide a safe, clean, friendly and civil environment, free of harassment and discrimination.

  • Provide opportunities and encourage students to be involved in University governance.

  • Model respect for diversity of race, culture, opinion, and other human differences.

  • Involve students in establishing and enforcing polices that govern their behavior, both in and outside the classroom.

  • Encourage and support studentsí involvement in activities, organizations  and programs that contribute to their personal growth and to a positive campus learning and living environment.

  • Encourage and support linkages between the campus and local communities.

  • Provide opportunities for students to participate in programs which teach them to enjoy and appreciate the beautiful local natural environment.

Students will be expected to:

  • Exercise freedoms in a responsible manner, consistent with the mission and values of an educational institution.

  • Treat others with courtesy, compassion, and respect.

  • Contribute to the quality of life in the classroom, the living environment, and the surrounding communities.

  • Read and comply with the standards of behavior and procedures for resolving complaints outlined in the Northern Michigan University Student Handbook.


The University will:

  • Provide services consistent with the Universityís mission, admissions policy, and student characteristics.

  • Make services available that are convenient to students and widely communicate the nature of what is provided, the location, and the hours of operation.

  • Assist students with exploring possible careers, finding career direction,  and developing plans for achieving their academic and career goals.

  • Hold staff accountable for providing competent and caring service, ensuring  studentsí rights to have their information handled confidentially.

  • Annually assess student opinion regarding the extent to which the university is meeting their service needs and take corrective action as appropriate to these findings.

Students will be expected to:                          

  • Be respectful of University personnel and other students as they access University services.

  • Access support services responsibly (e.g., provide needed information, make appointments when possible, be timely in seeking assistance, etc.).

  • Participate in surveys, focus groups,  and other requests for feedback regarding the quality and nature of University services.

  • Participate when possible in organizations and committees that contribute to University life.

Endorsed by the ASNMU Governing Board on March 31, 1997.
Endorsed by the Academic Senate on April 8, 1997.
Approved by President William E. Vandament on April 9, 1997.
Endorsed by the Board of Trustees on May 2, 1997.

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