ELECT HER: Campus Women Win Conference

Elect Her 2014

NMU is one of about 50 colleges from across the nation and Jamaica that host Elect Her--Campus Women Win Conference, a unique campus-based program that teaches women how to run for elective office. Elect Her-Campus Women Win, a collaboration of AAUW and Running Start, addresses the disparity between the high percentage of women in colleges and universities and their low representation in student government by encouraging women to run for campus leadership positions.

This program covers skills such as how to mobilize your constituency, how to win debates, how to craft your message, and how to speak and present yourself confidently as a candidate. By encouraging more young women to run for student government during their college years, we are confident that we are preparing more women for local, state, and federal office candidacy. This year, the conference will be held Saturday, March 14, 2015 from noon-5:00 pm in the Explorer Rooms of the University Center.

Elect Her--Campus Women Win, then called Campaign College, began in 2006 at American University to address a major imbalance: 62 percent of their student body was female, but women made up only 28 percent of the school's student government. After the program began, women's representation increased significantly. AAUW took the lead on Elect Her's expansion in 2010 to leverage our national network of branches and college/university partners to maximize the reach of the program.

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