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bloodpressureLinks for up-to-date information about healthcare costs and healthy living are listed below. Please note that the information provided is meant to complement the advice of your health-care provider, not to replace it. Before making any major changes in your medications, diet or exercise, talk to your physician. If you have any suggestions or ideas for additional healthy links, e-mail your comments to

NMU Rec Sports

Go to this site to view fitness programs and classes that are being offered at the PEIF Rec Center. You will also find information on membership fees and CPR certification classes. 

NMU Dining Services

Go to this site to view campus dining options and menu as well as nutrition information. 

NMU Health Promotion Office
Check out this site for up-to-date information about upcoming events leading and making healthy choices.

NMU Health Center
Check out this site for information and services about the NMU Health Center.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Marquette General Hospital
Visit Upper Michigan's largest service care provider and a member of the Upper Peninsula Health Care Network.

Bell Memorial Hospital
Visit Bell Memorial Hospital in Ishpeming, a member of the Upper Peninsula Health Care Network.

WebMD provides connectivity and a full suite of services to the healthcare industry that improve administrative efficiencies and clinical effectiveness enabling high quality patient care.

Mayo Health
Mayo Health provides a complete headline health watch, including heavy weight planner, jump starting your exercise program and news for family health.

Employee Resource Center

This brings together a collection of carefully selected, comprehensive health and wellness and financial web sites that encourage employees to be more proactive about their wellness. Just log on with, Username: NMUERC and Password: EBA


NMU Injury Evaluation and Care Clinic

A service to Northern Michigan University full-time students, faculty, staff, family members and alumni.

Michigan Department of Community Health logo Information for changes you can make.

Great site for ideas for the workplace.

Michigan Steps Up.

Dr. Wisdom, Michigan Surgeon General web site and invitation to step up to a healthier life style. Find the personal planner.

Get Active

Check out the fitness classes at the PEIF!

The Jacobetti Complex Healthy Food

Hospitality Management students invite you to lunch at the Culinary Cafe and eclectic dining at Chez Nous, both located in the Jacobetti Complex.


healthfinder® is a  Web site from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It provides general health and human services information.

Man playing basketball with kid Get Active

Get the Basics, The Benefits, and Take Action

2008 Physical Guidelines for Healthy Americans

US Department of Health and Human Services