Deborah Pearce Biographical Profile

female in white coat with glasses smiling

Deborah Pearce

Professional Title: Associate Professor for Technology and Occupational Sciences

Office: 217-A Jacobetti Complex

Phone: (906) 227-1410









Deborah Pearce represents the Center for Center for Innovation and Industrial Technologies/Hospitality & Tourism Management and she chose to join this committee, as she believes a healthy school is a successful school. Sometimes people just need a bit of motivation to get them to join in a healthy regimen. She has two basic areas of wellness interest - exercise and healthy eating. As a career chef, she has close contact with food and how people eat. She also has worked closely with the Co-op Hoop House here on campus and has encouraged the students to participate in the growing and harvesting of the foods grown there.

“I believe with a little education and encouragement most people can achieve a healthier work attitude and environment”.