Science and Medicine

Dedicated to capturing the stories and spirit of the region, one way the Center for Upper Peninsula Studies achieves this goal is recording the oral histories of the area's residents. Each interview is done in person, recorded and then transcribed for ease of use. On this page, find interviews surrounding science and medicine. 




Pam Benton

April 22, 2009

Pam Benton discusses aspects of hospital organization and politics at Marquette General Hospital and how things have changed and modernized there over the years.

Adam Brish

October 16, 2009

Dr. Adam Brish discusses his medical career as a neurosurgeon beginning with medical training in Poland, then Isreal, and finally the United States. He lead the way for Marquette General Hospital's neurosurgery unit which was passed on to other surgeons after he retired in 1993.

L. Wallace (Wally) Bruce

June 22, 2009

L. Wallace (Wally) Bruce speaks about his role, in a financial capacity, on the board for Marquette General Hospital around the time of the merger of St. Luke's and St. Mary's. He also discusses his financial background and as a Marquette native, what brought him back to the area.

Mike Coyne

June 19, 2009

Mike Coyne discusses the trials and tribulations of starting a successful rehabilitation clinic in Marquette, Michigan in the '70s as well as how these aspects of hospital management were affected in wartime.

John Diddams

June 2, 2009

Dr. John Diddams discusses the development of health care in Marquette and it's role in the region, with special consideration to his area of study: ear, nose, and throat (otolaryngology).

Don Elzinga

September 11, 2009

Don Elzinga talks about the Crippled Children’s Clinic, orthopedics, medicine, and hospital care in Marquette, Michigan circa 1940-1960. Details include discussing Senator James Couzens, polio, iron lung, Rotary Club, St. Mary’s and St. Luke’s and Marquette General Hospitals, Bay Cliff, Dr. Eugene Elzinga, and descriptions of pictures of hospital and staff.   

David Engstrom

April 4, 2009

David Engstrom discusses St. Luke's and St. Mary's merger from the perspective of a board member at the time.

Carl Hammerstrom

September 10, 2009

Dr. Carl Hammerstrom discusses his medical history and the emergence and growth of the large medical community in Marquette.

Alma Hanson 

No Date Given 

Alma Hanson discusses blood-letting and similar at home medical techniques in the Cooper Country in the 1930s/40s. 

Allan Hunter

June 15, 2009

Allan Hunter give his family origins and talks about John Heidenreich M.D.’s practice in Daggett, Michigan. Other details include his Vietnam War military service, St. Luke’s Hospital, Marquette General Hospital’s Cardiology Program, and  the technological and scientific evolution of cardiology.   

Gary Koskiniemi

June 9, 2009

Gary Koskiniemi discusses his career in medicine and his experiences practicing in Marquette and Ishpeming, Michigan.

Jack Kublin

June 3, 2009

Dr. Jack Kublin discusses how he came to practice ophthalmology in Marquette, and some of the challenges he and others faced when St. Mary's and St. Luke's merged.

Jack Kublin

May 4, 2011

Dr. Jack Kublin discusses his career as an ophthalmologist, how he got started in the field, and some of the major advances that have been made and how these things relate to the Upper Peninsula community.

John Lehtinen

May 29, 2009

Dr. John Lehtinen discusses how he became interested in medicine as a native of the Upper Peninsula and his career and community involvement that followed.

Eric Lincke

October 20, 2010

 Dr. Eric Lincke discusses medicine in Marquette. Topics include his background and schooling, how he decided to live in Marquette, his career in surgery, St. Luke's and St. Mary's hospitals, medicine in the U.P., and his work with clocks and watches after retirement.

Ed Litwin

October 1, 2009

Ed Litwin discusses how he came to live in the Upper Peninsula from the Detroit area and his career as a respiratory therapist. The St. Luke's and St. Mary's merger is also addressed.

Russell Magnaghi 

March 25, 2010

Russell Magnaghi’s March, 2010 interview focuses on his experiences with the famous Ishpeming born nuclear chemist, Dr. Glenn Seaborg. Magnaghi recalls visiting Seaborg and comments on his down to earth nature, and apparent enduring fondness for the Upper Peninsula. A significant portion of the interview also discusses how Northern Michigan University’s Archives came to possess many of Seaborg’s old photographs, and work related artifacts. Magnaghi also discusses the naming and construction of the Glenn T. Seaborg Science Center at Northern Michigan University.

Daniel Mazzuchi

January 29, 2003

Dr. Daniel Mazzuchi discusses his perspective on the evolution of the health care in the Upper Peninsula through the '60s, '70s, and '80s to its modern state. This interview is Part 1 in a series of three spaced three years apart.

Daniel Mazzuchi

February 6, 2006

Dr. Daniel Mazzuchi continues his discussion on the health care field in the Upper Peninsula with part 2. He speaks about the importance of having a small community when implementing a system that focuses on health care and education.

Daniel Mazzuchi

March 20, 2009

Dr. Daniel Mazzuchi finishes his discussion series about health care in the Upper Peninsula, the establishment of a specialty center, and its ties to local communities and the region.

Thomas Mudge

June 16, 2009

Dr. Thomas Mudge discusses his life, career, and how he became interested in medicine. He offers his perspective as an Upper Peninsula native who moved to California and then came back in 1961. He speaks about the St. Mary / St. Luke merger and to some extent the role of religion in health care.

William Nemacheck

July 14, 2009

William Nemacheck discusses how his family came to live in the Upper Peninsula, his career in medicine in the Upper Peninsula, and his time as the CEO of Marquette General Hospital. He speaks about the challenges the area faced during the St. Mary's / St Luke's merger and how it has affected the area and the relationship with Northern Michigan University.

Margaret Olmstead

No Date Given 

In her interview with Thomas Katona, Margaret Olmstead sits down with her granddaughter and discusses her work history. Olmstead’s first jobs were babysitting, which she began at age 12. The majority of her career however Olmstead spent at as a nurse at ManorCare nursing home in the Chicago suburb Arlington Heights. After her 21 year career at ManorCare Olmstead retired and moved to Marquette, MI. A large part of her interview is also spent reminiscing about family matters with her granddaughter.

Wallace "Wally" Pearson

July 23, 2009

Dr. Wallace "Wally" Pearson discusses his experiences practicing medicine in Marquette during the time when both St. Mary's and St. Luke's were still in operation and then gives his perspective on the merger that took place.

James Richard

September 30, 2009

James Richard discusses the merger of St. Luke's and St. Mary's hospitals from an administrative standpoint and the challenges of developing an effective medical center in rural areas.

Charles Schwindt

September 21, 2009

Charles Schwindt discusses his education and career, what brought him to Marquette, and some of the challenges he and the medical community faced as it developed and became more established in the Upper Peninsula.

Submarine Research  July 25, 1986 In a Public Radio 90 radio spot, Captain Dan Schwartz of the Seward Johnson talks about the ongoing scientific submarine based research on the Great Lakes. Comments are also made by Dr. Bill Cooper of Michigan State University.  

Margaret Turner

March 20, 2009

Margaret Turner discusses what brought her to Marquette and her career in the medical field around the time of the St. Mary / St. Luke merger.

K. Charles Wright

March 19, 2009

K. Charles Wright discusses his education, career, and how he came to reside in Marquette, MI. He also speaks about the medical community in Marquette, the Upper Peninsula and the St. Luke's / St. Mary's merger.