1850 Savages Legend of Copper

Copper Mines

Excerpt from Voyage from Detriot to Michillimackinae 1721

Lake Superior Journal 1820

On its borders, in some places, and about certain islands, they find great pieces of copper, which are also the object of the superstitious worship of the savages; they look upon them with veneration, as a present of the gods who live under the waters; they gather the smallest bits of it and preserve, them with care, but make no use of them. They say that formerly there was a great rock that stood high above the water all of the same matter; and as it does not appear at present, they say that the gods have carried it to another place; but it is very probable, that in length of time the waves of the lake have covered it with sand and mud; and it is certain there has been discovered in many places, a pretty large quantity of this metal, without being obliged to dig deep for it. At my first journey into this country, I knew one of our brethren, who was a goldsmith by trade, and who whilst he was in the Mission of St. Mary’s Fall, went thither to find copper, and had made candlesticks, crosses of it; for this copper is often almost entirely pure.