1850 Fable of the Savages of the Upper Lake

Excerpt from Voyage from Detroit to Michillimackinae 1721

Lake Superior Journal 1850

The Savages, by way of acknowledgement for the quantity of fish this lake affords them, and through the respect they are inspired with from its vast extent have made it a kind of deity, and offer sacrifices to it after their manner. But I think that it is not to the Lake itself, but to the Genius that presides over it, that they offer up their prayers: If we believe them, this Lake has a divine origin: ‘Twas Michabou, the god of the waters, who made it to take beavers. In the canal by which it discharges itself into Lake Huron, there is a torrent caused by some great rocks; our missionaries who once had here a very flourishing church called it the Fall of St. Mary. These rocks according to the tradition of the barbarians are the remains of a cansey or bank, which the god built to stop the waters of the rivers, and of the Lake Alimipegon, which have filled this Great Lake.