1850 Mining Provisions


Miners, and other persons connected with them.

THE UNDERSIGNED, Thankful for the patronage her has heretofore received from the Mineral Regions of Lake Superior, would most respectfully call the attention of those persons engaged in that country, to the following List of Provisions and other Supplies, which he has prepared with great care for that Market exclusively:


575 bbls No. 1 corn-fed Mess pork,

429 bbls stall-fed cured Mess beef,

25,000 lbs. sugar-cured 'canvassed Hams',

3,200 " Dried Beef, canvassed,

60,000 " kiln-dried Cornmeal,

500 bushels White Field Beans,

300 " Canada Peas,

500 bushels Dried Apples

100 bbls & half Cucumber Pickles,

50 bbls Sour Kront [Kraut],

500 bushels Onions,

1,000 Beef Tongues (smoked and in Pickle)

4,000 lbs Leaf Lard,

5,000 " Fresh Butter



1,000 kegs Blasting Powder, a vert superior article; warranted equal to any manufactured in this country or in England,

100,000 feet Double and Single Safety Fuse,

50 doz canisters Sporting Powder,

100 kegs Rifle Powder.



150 chests assorted Teas,

150 bags do Coffee,

50 hhds Sugar,

25 do Molasses,

60 boxes Refined Sugar,

50 bbls Powdered and Crushed Sugars,

100 6-lb cans Mustard,

20,000 assorted Cigars.



25 half pipes assorted Brandies,

15 do Holland, Schedam and American Gin,

10 casks St. Croix, Jamaica and New England Rums,

30 bbls Irish, Scotch, and old Monongahela Whiskey

30 qr casks Madeira, Port, Sherry, Dry and Sweet, Malaga Wines,

Together with a full and general assortment of all articles usually kept in the Grocery and Provision line.


127 Jefferson Avenue, Detroit

Source: Lake Superior Journal June 19, 1850.