Northern Michigan University

Dedicated to capturing the stories and spirit of the region, one way the Center for Upper Peninsula Studies achieves this goal is recording the oral histories of the area's residents. Each interview is done in person, recorded and then transcribed for ease of use. On this page, find interviews surrounding the history of Northern Michigan University. 





Arnold Aho 

November 22, 1994

Dr. Arnold Aho discusses his early growing up in Gran Marais as well as his time at Northern in the late 1950s as a student. 


Chiara Alto 

September 2, 2009

Freshman student Chiara Alto talks about her experiences on campus at Northern Michigan University and discusses her hopes for her time remaining. 


Josh Anderson 

September 1, 2009

NMU student Josh Anderson explores what attracted him to NMU and reflects on his time so far as an undergraduate. Focusing on campus life, he gives a great insight on dorm life, food, classes, and troubles he faced as a transfer student. 


Lukas Anderson  

September 2, 2009

Senior NMU Student Lukas Anderson discusses his career goals as a Philosophy and Writing major, as well as the appeal of NMU to him as an academic institution and community. 


Walter Anderson and Jim Dehlin 

March 31, 1995

The head of the Aviation Department at Northern Michigan University Walter Anderson and Associate Professor Jim Dehlin discuss the beginnings and development of the department. 


Maureen Andrews

April 9, 1996

Dr. Andrews reflects on her time as part of the NMU Department of English and serving as the adviser for Sigma Phi Delta and the purposes the society serves on campus. 


James Appleberry 

May 5, 1995

Dr. James Appleberry reflects on his background, educational career and time served as President of Northern Michigan University in the 1980s. He discusses the problems he tried to overcome and developments of the university including budgetary issues, expansion, enrollment and the Olympic Training Center.  


Patricia Appleberry 

May 4, 1995

Former First Lady of Northern Michigan University, Pat Appleberry reflects on her impressions, accomplishments, and interactions regarding campus life. 


Charlotte Asikainen

October 17, 2008

Charlotte Asikainen briefly discusses her experience coming to Northern Michigan University in the 1940's, some of her living arrangements, and how she met her husband while attending.


Judith Bailey 

September 11, 1998

Dr. Judith Bailey talks about her own personal history and unusual journey that brought her to be President of Northern Michigan University from 1997-2003. She discusses the problems the university faced in regards to state funding, the development fund, and student enrollment. 


Judith Bailey 

February 8, 2000

Reflecting on what has happened at Northern Michigan University since a previous interview in 1998, Dr. Judith Bailey discusses new sources of funding, infrastructure improvements, the centennial celebration and the increased use of technology at NMU including the Teaching Learning Communication Initiative. 


Judith Bailey

October 19, 2001

President Judith Bailey continues with her open discussion of her projects and accomplishments at NMU since her prior interview. Topics include facility improvements, state funding, and student recruitment. 


Judith Bailey 

June 5. 2003 

The last of a four part interview spanning her time as president, Judith Bailey discusses Board of Trustee changes, more building renovations, general changes to campus, budget issues, and an overall reflection on her time and accomplishments at NMU.  


Becky Beauchamp 

March 14, 1996

Becky Beauchamp recalls her memories of the structure of the NorthWind student newspaper when she served as editor from 1975-1977. She also discusses reporting the high tension issues surrounding campus in the 1970s. 


Phillip Beaukema

July 22, 2002

Academic Vice-President of NMU Phillip Beaukema gives his autobiography and discusses his accomplishments in the administration during the 1990s. Main topics include the 5 year programs at the university and the First Year Expedience program. 


David Bonsall 

June 7, 1995

David Bonsall reminiscences about his time at Northern Michigan University in 1969 as a student including campus life, classes, and controversy. He also talks about his position as Director of Student Activities and Leadership Programs and the development of the office. 


Don Bottum 

August 2, 1994

Don Bottum gives his autobiography and the events leading to how he came to Northern and served as Dean of Men, Director of Housing, and principal of the John D. Pierce Laboratory School between 1923 to 1959. He talks about the past presidents of NMU and his relationship with them. 


Gildo Canali 

March 5, 1996 

Gildo Canali talks about the developments of the athletic and health departments at Northern Michigan University during the 1960s and 1970s when he served on the faculty. 


Neil Carlson 

September 6, 1994

Dr. Neil Carlson discusses his life and career as a Professor of Economics at Northern Michigan University. Details include his time as a student at Northern in the 1950s and as a faculty member in the 1960s regarding the controversy surrounding the developments of the university. 


Kenneth Chant 

April 6, 1995 

Former director of Northern Michigan University Public Safety, Kenneth Chant gives his insight on the department in a series of interviews. 


Don Chosa

January 28, 2002

 Don Chosa gives personal background on how he came into teaching Anishinaabe Language and Culture at Northern Michigan University.  He discusses his personal path to teaching, having moved from L’Anse to Northern Minnesota, and later having returned to teach at Northern Michigan University.


Lauriann Gant Coeffey 

June 30, 1995

Lauriann Gant Coeffey, daughter of Luther Gant, discusses her father and both of their years at Northern Michigan University during the mid-1900s.


Brian Denman, Robert Hendrickson, and Michelle Lee

September 21, 1994

Three Northern Michigan University students discuss their own opinions on campus life and developments.


David Dickson 

February 18, 1997 

Dr. David Dickson gives his biography and discusses his career at NMU as a professor of English and his role in administration as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences in 1966-67. 


Martin Dolan 

December 14, No Year Given

Martin Dolan talks about his ideas to bring a chapter of Phi Alpha Theta to Northern Michigan University in 1968 and his involvement with the group as faculty advisor.  


Martin Dolan

December 16, 2013

Martin Dolan gives his in-depth perspective on many political and social issues that faced Northern as it grew into the University it is today.


Hal Dorf 

April 12, 1995

Hal Dorf discusses the beginnings, history, and requirements of the International Studies program at Northern Michigan University. 


Pryse Duerfeldt

March 22, 1996 

Pryse Duerfeldt, head of the Northern Michigan University Psychology Department in the 1970s, gives her opinions and discusses the history of the department including it's development and faculty. 


Hope Dunne

August 21, 1997

Hope Dunne discusses her husband James T. Dunne's role in starting the Business Department at Northern Michigan University along with Dr. Harden. Also discussed are her recollections of the university when she first came to Marquette in the mid-1960s, her experiences as a teacher in Marquette schools and at Northern Michigan University, and her Young Authors' Program.


Aida Dutmer

June 14, 1995

Aida Dutmer was a student at Northern Michigan University in the 1920s and served as a secretary from 1930-1963, her biography and memories from NMU are described.  


"Faculty Brats"

July 26, 2011

NMU "faculty brats" (aka family members of prominent figures at NMU) reminisce about their time at Northern with many familiar faculty members and share their stories.


Pat Farrell

March 29, 1995

Pat Farrell discusses the history and development of the Geography Department at Northern Michigan University during his time as a professor and department head in the 1960s and 1970s. 


LTC Frank Fiala

March 14, 1995

LTC Frank Fiala discusses the history of the ROTC at Northern Michigan University.


William Henry Ford

October 19, 2009

William Henry Ford visits Northern Michigan University and speaks about the economic climate of Michigan, where it's headed, and its ties to the auto industry. 


Leslie Foster 

April 23, 2001 

Leslie Foster talks about her time at Northern Michigan University as a faculty member in the 1960s and 1970s in relation to the beginnings of the AAUP. 


Olive Fox

February 1973

Olive Fox served in many positions within the Northern State Normal School and John D. Pierce school as a critic teacher and administration. She reflects on her time in the early days of the teacher education program.


Olive Fox

July 19, 1994

Olive Fox expands on an previous interview describing her time as a student at Northern State Normal School in the early 1900s and as a faculty member later on. 


Elspeth Gibbs

February 23, 1984

Elspeth Gibbs discusses her life as a student at Northern Michigan University in the early 1980s and her major in outdoor recreation. NOTE: Interview ends abruptly due to problem with the tape. 


Robert Glenn

March 11, 1996 

Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Northern Michigan University from 1971-74, Robert Glen discusses his perceptions and activities during his time at NMU including goals of the college and administrative challenges. 


Allen Good 

October 10, 1979

Allen Good gives his own biography as well as discusses his impressions being a student at Northern in the late 1920s. Details include his relationship with Professor of History Allen Chase and NMU campus life. 


Robert Goodrich 

March 19, 2007 

Professor of History and Honors Program Director Robert Goodrich discusses conflict and outcomes of the merging of academic departments at Northern Michigan University. 


Robert Goodrich 

April 23, 2007 

Robert Goodrich provides details on the founding and development of the Junior Faculty Group at NMU.  


Richard Gorski 

February 18, 1992 

Richard Gorski gives his autobiography and reflects on his time as head of the Art Department at Northern Michigan University in the 1960s and the restructuring of the department. 


Amanda Goss

February 17, 2007 

Northern Michigan University student Amanda Goss shares her background and her opinions of NMU courses and campus life. 


James Greene

September 18, 2000

James "Jim" Greene talk about the attempts at unionization at Northern Michigan University and some of the struggles and challenges they faced in the early days of the development.

James Greene September 18, 1998 James "Jim" Greene discusses the early days of unionization at Northern Michigan University and the challenges they faced in the first years.    

Kim Green 

No Date Given 

Kim Green talks about her training and duties as a Resident Adviser for Spalding Hall in 1988-1989. She go into the details of housing events, resident issues, and differences from year to year. 


Jack Greising

February 3, 1989

Dr. Jack Greising discusses the origin of the History Club at NMU and his role as adviser for them as well as Phi Alpha Theta and some of the challenges they faced.


Anthony T. Grudnoski


Anthony Grudnoski discusses life at NMU in the early 1960s and his opinion on the present state of the university. Topics include some of Grunoski's early life and career, his days at Northern, professors and students that he knew, his involvement with audiovisual and radio and television, and finally the changes, both physical and administrative, that the university has undergone since his undergraduate days.


Pam Grundstrom, Jackie Schneider, and Connie Williams

June 23, 2009

Pam, Connie, and Jackie discuss their many years as secretary to the presidents of Northern Michigan University. They share stories and comment on the personalities of the presidents that have come and gone.


Robert Hanson 

April 10, 1996 

Robert Hanson talks about the beginnings and developments of the Criminal Justice Department and Public Safety at Northern Michigan University in the late 1970s. 


Richard Harbick 

March 12, 1996 

Richard Harbuck talks about his time as manager of the NMU Bookstore from 1966-1993 and the changes that occurred during his time there. 


Martha Hatch

September 26, 1995 

"Northern's Nurse" Martha Hatch gives her personal background and talks about her time at NMU in part of Health Services starting in 1942.


David Haynes

May 13, 2013

David Haynes discusses his tenure as President of Northern Michigan University and some of the goals, challenges, and accomplishments of those years.


Joseph Healy 

September 30, 1998 

Senior tradesman in operations management at Northern Michigan University Joseph Healy talks about the general maintenance of the university as well as unionization and struggles with the administration in the 1960s/70s. 


C.B. Hedgcock 

No Date Given 

C.B Hedgcock discusses his career at length, giving his biography and describes his accomplishments as  head of Northern’s School of Health and Human Performance from 1922 to 1956 and served as football, basketball and track coach.

Norman Hefke  April 7, 1995  Norman Hefke discusses his career at Northern Michigan University in his positions starting Assistant Dean of Students in 1968 and his transition to Director of Teacher Education Services.   
Don Heikkinen  July 29, 1994  Northern Michigan University's longest Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences from 1974-1992 Don Heikkinen gives his autobiography and shares his thoughts on Northern as well as his accomplishments throughout his career.   

Clair Hekhuis

July 10, 1997

Clair Hekhuis discusses how he came to be at Northern Michigan University and his role, some of the more important events and developments in and around his time here in the 1960's and 1970's, getting Northern more widely known in the area and its transition to university status, increasing student enrollment, the development of NMU's seal, and finally his choice to leave NMU.


George Helfinstine

April 15, 1987

George Helfinstine is interviewed by John D. Wrathall about his role in trying to bring collective bargaining to Northern Michigan University. He speaks on his feelings about the AAUP vs. MEA representing NMU's faculty and some of the challenges they faced doing this in the 1970's and the effect the McClellan affair had on this process.

James Hendricks February 22, 1995 James Hendricks gives his personal background and shares his career as a faculty member in the education program at Northern Michigan University starting in the late 1960s including details of the Mott Program, John D. Pierce School, changes in the department and his views on the future trends in education.   

"Hilton Party" Part 1 

"Hilton Party" Part 2 

No Date Given  Earl and Miriam Hilton, K. and Myrle Wahtera, Dick and Louise O'Dell, Roland and Marion Schwitzgobel, and Allan and Marcella Niemi share memories of their times at Northern. Topics range from past presidents and deans, early athletics, administrative issues, and the general community of the university.   
Tom Holmstrom  November 11, 1994 Professor of Economics Tom Holmstrom reflects on his early years at Northern as a student, living in "Vet Ville" housing, building development, faculty interactions, and general student life.   
Cameron Howse March 15, 1996  Cameron Howse served as head of the Physical Education (now known as the School of Health and Human Performance) at NMU starting in 1978. He talks about the development of the Physical Education Instructional Facility (PEIF) as well as the changes in the department as a whole.   
John Hubbard March 23, 2010 Former Exhibit Director John Hubbard talks about the start of the art museum on campus in the 1970s as the Lee Hall Gallery and how the museum came to have university funding.   
John X. Jamrich   July 25, 1994 John Jamrich gives his autobiography as well as delve into the details of his career at Northern. Topics include his relationship with Edgar Harden, the McClellan Controversy and student unrest, academic programs, the demolition of Kaye and Peter White Halls, the balance of athletics and academics, and the McGoff controversy.   

John X. Jamrich

August 9, 2011

Previous NMU president John Jamrich discusses the political side of running a university and getting new programs established.


John X. Jamrich

July 26, 2013

John Jamrich continues his discussion of the political nature of presiding over Northern Michigan University, and some of the issues that arose with unionization.


June Jamrich

July 14, 1997

June Jamrich discusses her life as first lady of Northern Michigan University for many years. She talks about how she met her husband President Jamrich, moving her family to Marquette, the transition from 'K House' #1 to #2, and her involvement with students and some of the trying times she and her husband faced during their tenure.


Nicoletta and Ronald Janson

July 9, 1999

Nicoletta and Ronald Janson discuss their lives at NMU in the 1940s and 1950s. Topics include living in Ronald's service in the Navy; Ronald and Nicoletta's careers; their experiences living in the "Vet Ville" apartments at NMU; their experiences with NMU faculty such as Dr. Wahtera, Don Bottom, and Ethel Carey; and life at NMU during that time.

Mickey Johnson  July 25, 1994 Former NMU student Mickey Johnson discusses early student life in the 1920s including athletics, Professor Allen Chase, student teaching at John D. Pierce, academics, and facilities.   
Fred Joyal  April 30, 2007  Faculty member Fred Joyal talks about his time at Northern as a professor in the geography department, his community involvement, and details about his time as Provost including his involvement in the TLC laptop initiative.  
Georgann Jukuri February 19, 2007  NMU student Georgann Jukuri briefly shares opinions and stories of NMU student life.   
Joshua Jungsworth  April 10, 2007  Joshua Jungsworth, a blind student at Northern, shares his biography including his experiences with the accommodations that NMU provides for disabled students.   

Eric Kane

March 22, 1995

Eric Kane discusses the International Study Abroad Program and how beneficial studying abroad can be.

Gerald Keller  June 15, 1995  Residence hall custodial worker Gerald Keller discusses his position and job duties, and the general details for working in Magers and Meyland Hall during the 1970s included the scandalous activities of students.  
Jean Kelly (Pearce)  June 2, 1995 Daughter of Webster Pearce, Jean Kelly discusses the early days at Northern and her father's position.   
Nancy Kenock  November 10, 2009  NMU student Nancy Kenock talks about her study abroad experience in Mexico, Model United Nations, and general life as a senior student at Northern   
"Kent State Shootings" No Date Given  Two unidentified male former students describe the reactions to the Cambodia Invasion and Kent State Massacre of 1970 on NMU campus. Details include dorm life, community, and student political activity.   

John Kiltinen

November 30, 2012

Dr. John Kiltinen discusses his career and how he came to be employed at Northern Michigan University. He speaks about his role as a mathematician on campus and various financial analysis he did as the campus was seeking to develop further. He also played a large role in the Seaborg Summer Science Academy.


Sylvia Kinnunen

October 29, 1997

Sylvia Kinnunen describes attending Northern Michigan University in the 1930s, being a professor at Northern, life during the Depression and World War II, and growing up in the Upper Peninsula.

Thomas Knauss September 29, 1998 Former student from 1950-54, Thomas Knauss gives a brief depiction of Christmas activities and Dean Carey's rules.   
Barry Knight  January 13, 1995 Barry Knight served as a professor as well as  head of the NMU History Department. He goes into details about his own life story and what brought him to Northern, his thoughts on the McClellan Controversy, unionization, and teaching out on the K.I Sawyer base.   

Susan Koch

June 1, 2011

Susan Koch discusses her time as provost at Northern Michigan University and some of the accomplishments and programs she had a hand in developing.

John Kronquist  September 2, 2009  Nontraditional student John Kronquist talks about the his first experience at NMU in the 1980s and his return to get his degree in education. He discusses his favorite professors, food on campus, activities in Marquette, WiMax, and the general differences between the '80s and '00s.   
Bob Kulisheck  March 31, 1995  Head of the Political Science Department, Bob Kulisheck discusses the details of the department.   
Michael Kuzak  March 14,  1996  Michael Kuzak discusses working at the NMU Bookstore as both a student employee, assistant manager, and manager through the many changes and remodels that occurred in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s.   

Christine Landen

No Date Given

Christine Landen discusses life in the residence halls, student government in the residence halls, and the housing requirement.

Susan Larson  June 3, 2002  Susan Larson talks about her time at Northern from 1957-61 as a social work student and then later coming back as a faculty member. She discusses the changes in campus and the program.   
Jeffery Lemerand  No Date Given  Jeffery Lemerand gives insight into student life at NMU in the late 1980s. Details include comparisons to Central Michigan University, dorm life, academics, social life, and parking,   

Wayne Lengrave

September 8, 1997

Wayne Lengrave discusses his time at Northern as a student and cafeteria worker in the late 1950s. The interview is a transcription of a tour he gave Dr. Russ Magnaghi of Lee Hall as he describes how the cafeteria and kitchen used to be arranged. 

John Limback  March 27, 1996  John Limback briefly talks about the introduction of computers to NMU.   

Brian Lindberg

March 28, 1989

Brian Lindberg was interviewed by a student in HS 211. He discusses his childhood vacations, religious views, his pre-med major, and life at Northern Michigan University.


William and Barbara Lyons

April 16, 2012

William and Barbara Lyons discuss what brought them to the Marquette area and reminisce about their journey through the medical field and finally the role they played at Northern Michigan University.


Russell Magnaghi

April 1, 1987

Dr. Russell Magnaghi discusses the Oral History Program and the importance of students getting involved in interviews locally, as well as his hopes for the program.


Russell Magnaghi 

April 20, 1988

Dr. Russell Magnaghi discusses how the Bureau of History's Living History Program came to Northern Michigan University in 1986.


Russell Magnaghi

February 1, 1989

Dr. Russell Magnaghi discusses the formation of the History Club on Northern Michigan University's campus and his role with the club as well as Phi Alpha Theta, some of the issues he and others encountered in that role, as well as potential sources of conflict between the two groups.


Russell Magnaghi

November 28, 1989

Dr. Russell Magnaghi discusses his involvement in the creation of the Northern Michigan University Archives.


Russell Magnaghi

December 2, 1997

In a talk on the campus of Northern Michigan University, Dr. Russell Magnaghi discusses Northern Michigan University history. The talk includes the school's founding and early days; people such as John Longyear, Peter White, Dwight Waldo, Forest Roberts, Ethel Carey, and John Munson; the creation of the school mascot and flag; and early traditions such as Evergreen Day and Ivy Day.


Russell Magnaghi

October 3, 1998

During a workshop, Dr. Russell Magnaghi demonstrates a taped interview and briefly discusses why he became a historian, how he became historian at NMU, and advice for up and coming historians.


Russell Magnaghi 

November 20, 2001

Dr. Magnaghi talks about his educational upbringing and travels that influenced his area of interest. He discusses coming to teach history at NMU, specifically focusing on Native American Studies classes.


Russell Magnaghi

December 6, 2001

In a detailed interview about his academic career, Dr. Magnaghi discusses his beginnings at Northern Michigan University, the topics of his research, and his publications.


Russell Magnaghi

February 4, 2011

Russell Magnaghi discusses an event that occurred on Northern Michigan University's campus that involved threats of violence, but turned out to be an internet hoax.


Russell Magnaghi

March 20, 2012

Russell Magnaghi discusses how he became involved with the Oral History Project that is now source of these various publicly accessible interviews.


Clifford Maier

December 2, 1987

Dr. Clifford Maier discusses the start up of the Phi Alpha Theta organization and archives at Northern Michigan University. 


Robert Manning

November 19, 1997

Robert Manning discusses how he came to live in Marquette and work at Northern Michigan University and shares many stories about his time with the Audio-Visual department and also his experience sailing with Spruce Hill for university research outings, and the politics behind many of the decisions associated with those two endeavors.


Michael Marsden 

July 17, 1999

Dr.  Michael Marsden discusses his own educational history, how he came to be the Dean of The College of Arts and Science at Northern Michigan University from 1992-1999, and his career as a scholar.  


Elwood Mattson

October 9, 1995

Elwood Mattson discusses his education and involvement at Northern Michigan University.


Marcey McCardell 

September 30, 1994

As a non-traditional and commuter student, Marcey McCardell talks about her experiences at Northern Michigan University in the Art Department as well as an employee of the Development Fund. 


Robert McClellan

November 16, 1989

Robert McClellan discusses race relations at Northern Michigan University in the 1960s, '70s, and '80s.


Robert McClellan 

February 2, 2001 

In a telephone interview, McClellan talks about his lawsuit against the NMU administration regarding his termination including details of the North Marquette conflict and the subsequent termination of Fred Harris. He also discusses at length his attempts and eventual success in unionizing the NMU faculty in the '70s. 


David McClintock 

June 29, 1995

The son of former faculty member Wayne McClintock, Captain David McClintock discusses the breadth of his involvement at Northern Michigan University. Spanning from his childhood in Marquette in the early 1900s to his role as Director of Development in the 1960s and 1970s he discusses faculty, staff, students, building projects, and his career as a Navy Captain during World War II. 

Marjorie McKee February 19, 1995  Marjorie McKee discusses her time at Northern Michigan University and describes her experiences in the Northern Michigan Department of Education as a Professor.  
Mike McKinney  February 24, 2003 Thomas Fine Arts staff member Mike McKinney recounts the death and paranormal experiences of Perry, the ghost that is said to haunt the building and theatre on campus.   
Anita Meyland  April 16, 1992 Anita Meyland discusses the early days at Northern Michigan University, her involvement in teh Jobs Corps, building on campus, and her husbands career in the Department of English.   
Anita Meyland No Date Given  Anita Meyland and Miriam Hilton talk about the etiquette between NMU faculty members and the community, including social gatherings. Meyland also gives insight to some student life like sororities, the Winter Sports Carnival and the Penny Press. Note: not complete transcript.   
Lola Morrison  March 11, 1996  Former Northern State Normal School student Lola Morrison reflects on her time at the school in the 1920s. She talks about the faculty members, the development of the school, student life, rules, and the social scene of Marquette.   
Max Muelle  June 23, 1994 Max Muelle talks about his position in ground and maintenance. Details include the nursery, planting trees on campus, roads, and building developments throughout the mid 1900s.   
Mary Nault April 20, 1987 Mary Nault talks about her time as a secretary in the Department of English in the 1960s and 1970s. She discusses the building and program changes as well as faculty members.   
Arthur Neiger  April 5, 1996  Arthur Neiger gives his autobiography and talks about the beginnings of the Criminal Justice program at Northern.   
Howard Nicholson  October 8, 2009  Dr. Howard Nicholson talks about his own background and his tenure as a member of the NMU Department of History and as part of the teacher training program.   
Robert Niemela  March 27, 1996  Robert Niemala gives insight to the beginnings of the computer center in the basement of Longyear Hall in the 1970s and how the functions of the center developed over time.   
Allen Niemi September 30, 1994 Dr. Allen Niemi reflects on his 32 years as a faculty member at NMU. He discusses his own background, the music department and his efforts to expand music across the UP, his transition into administration, discipline, and his role as the first Vice-President of Student Affairs.    
Allen Niemi  September 8, 2005 Allen Niemi expands on his previous interview on his time at NMU. He shares his thoughts on music education, President Tate and his wife, the improvements to music on campus, and his accomplishments in student affairs.   
Yvonne Niemi  September 23, 1998 Yvonne Niemi served in the registrars office starting in the 1970s. She shares he experiences at Northern with unionization of secretaries and her time as president of the union.   

Sean O'Brien

February 4, 2011

Sean O'Brien discusses an event involving a threat to campus security on February 2, 2011.


Richard O'Dell

May 11, 1988

Richard (Dick) O'Dell discusses his career as well as many issues concerning the country, education, and Northern Michigan University as they were in the late 1980s.

John Ogren  July 1, 1996  John Ogren reflects on his experiences as a student at the John D. Pierce school in the late 1940s and the interactions with NMU. He also talks about his transition to being a student at Northern and his personal scientific career.   
Tyyme Ostlund  July 23, 1994 Ispheming native Tyyme Ostlund discusses her time at Northern in the 1930s. Details include specific faculty members (Spalding and Carey), commuting to classes, and her own career.   

Bertha Pangborn

July 26, 2006

Bertha Pangborn discusses living in post WWII housing in Quonset huts on the campus of Northern Michigan University. G.I. Ville, Vet Ville.


James Panowski

February 27, 2012

James Panowski discusses his life and career in theater and fine arts. He talks about some of the challenges facing theater students, how to overcome them, and some of the highlights of his time at Northern Michigan University.

Robert Pecotte March 29, 1995 Robert Pecotte tells of his time at Northern as the Financial Aid director. This includes information on the workings of the department, how it has changed, and his experiences at Northern including the 1967-68 protests by minority students, and also the returning home of many Vietnam War veterans.  
Lewis Peters April 15, 1987 Dr. Lewis Peters talks about his life and career at NMU starting in 1961 in the Department of Biology. Details include the character of Dr. Luther West, changes in the department, and general thoughts on the future of Northern. He also talks about skiing and the overall community of Marquette.   
Lewis Peters  March 29, 1995 Biology professor Dr. Lewis Peters expands on an earlier interview about his thoughts and observations of Dr. Luther West. Details include both their professional and personal relationship, student opinions, and teaching styles.   
Tom Peters  June 24, 1994 Tom Peters gives insight to his own background and his time at Northern as a student post Word War 2. He talks about student life, buildings, athletics, and housing. He also discusses the beginnings of the Alumni Association, the creation of athletic facilities under Mr. Money, and general administrative problems after he became a member of the administration   
Tom Peters  July 18, 1994 Tom Peters, Assistant to the President of NMU, expands on his previous interview. He talks about the Wildcat Club and promoting football, the battle for recognition by the state legislature, the sports complex, vocational training, and the music department.   
Jane Phillips March 23, 1995 Jane Phillips served as one of Dr. Luther West's assistants in his work on the annotated bibliography of the house fly. She talks about their work and Dr. West's overall personality and the time they spent together.   
Rob Piecach  April 11, 1995 Student Rob Piecach discusses the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity on campus. He talks about their brief history, his experiences with the frat, and what it means to be Greek at NMU.   
Steven Platt  November 17, 1994  Dr. Steven Platt of the NMU Department of Psychology discusses his beginning in 1970 including details about buildings, faculty student relations, developments and needs of the department, and the McGoff incident.    
Donald Potvin  March 14, 1996  Don Potvin talks about his time as the manager at the NMU Bookstore. He discusses his job descriptions and the challenges of running the university book store.   
Mary Ellen Powers June 10, 2004 Mary Ellen Powers discusses her time at Northern as a professor in the nursing department at Northern Michigan University. She talks about how things have changed in the University as time has gone on and also the changes in her field.  

Judith Puncochar

November 12, 2013

UNITED Conference, Uniting Neighbors In The Experience of Diversity.  UNITED in art, in food, in diversity, in service, in music and dance, in theatre, in research, in film.  Biographic, Dr. Puncochar came to Northern Michigan University in 2004.  Ethnic and Cultural Diversity Committee, President Les Wong, Domestic Diversity Institute. Origins of UNITED Conference, first held in 2006.  King Chavez Parks Foundation funding. Multi-day diversity conference.

Robert Quinn  March 22, 2007 

Associate Professor of Economics, Dr. Robert Quinn discusses the merger proposal between the economics, political science, and history departments. He talks about his own opinions, the period of merged departments, and faculty opinions when the merger was ended.

Harry Rajala July 12, 1995 Former student and Registrar, Harry Rajala accounts him time as an undergraduate at Northern in the early 1950s and details of his tenure as the registrar through the '60s and '70s. He details President Tate, student activities, housing, enrollment, and record keeping processes.   
James Rapport  October 7, 1994

James Rapport talks about coming to Northern as a faculty member in the new Communications Department in the 1950s and 60s. Specific details include the theatre program, his impressions of President Harden and other administration, building renovations,the Dome, his tenure as department head, and the four course plan.   

James Rapport No Date Given  Dr. James Rapport gives insight to the planning and construction of the Forest Roberts Theatre. He talks about the changes in funding and design, practicality of the theatre, ane the hopes that he has for the future.   
Bruce Raudio January 30,1997 

Director of Facilities at NMU, Bruce Raudio talks about his job details, developments on campus, renovations, skywalks, the heating plant, and other physical aspects of campus.

Jay Reed  November 5, 1989 Student Jay Reed talks about her own background coming from Detroit to Marquette to attend NMU. As a black student, she discusses racial tensions in Marquette and in the country. Many stories involve the culture of Detroit and the black community.   
Steve Reed June 17, 1995 Includes discussions about the Dome, PEIF, and intramural sports programs at NMU. Also briefly touches on the importance of the recreation center in students lives on campus and strategies to reach non-traditional students through these programs.  
Marilyn Robbert  September 22, 1998 

September 22 1998 NMU Registrar Marilyn Robbert gives her background as well as insight into faculty unrest, unionization, and budget cuts. Note: transcript incomplete. 

Forest Roberts  July 20, 1994 

Forest Roberts discusses his association with the speech department and theater at NMU. He talks about his time between 1928 and 1966. Details include the faculty, physical layout of campus, faculty relations, the theater program, and the growth of the school.

Marcus Robyn October 9, 2003 Marcus Robyn one of NMU's archivist explains what it is like to be archivist and some of the challenges that he faces along with some political activity that he has been involved in around the Marquette area.  

Ruth Roebke-Berens

October 25, 1989

Dr. Roebke-Berens of the NMU History Deportment discusses the creation of the NMU Archives.

Jerome Roth January 1, 2001 Jerome Roth, a NMU Chemistry professor discribes the creation of the AAUP chapter here at NMU. Roth played an active role in the creation of the chapter,which was no easy task. He and others had to fight to bring the faculty together and get enough votes to unionize. Prior to the vote there were a number of  questionable events that helped fuel to the fire to unionize according to Roth. Roth describes these events in detail, including a number of legal battles with the university, then continues to explain the need for AAUP on campus and the values this union holds and how it changed the way the university is run today.  

Michael Roy

October 21, 2010

Michael Roy discusses his life, career, and how he came to be at Northern Michigan University. He talks about his perspective on many issues from a financial standpoint, successes and challenges he and others faced, as well as his time as interim president of NMU.

Jon Saari Febuary 19, 2001 Jon Saari, a NMU History professor was another active supporter of the creation of the AAUP chapter on campus. Saari begins discribing the difference between the MEA union and AAUP and how he and others felt AAUP better represented NMU's faculty goals. He along with others felt the university was not being run properly and that the vaules of the AAUP union would help change the direction the universtiy was going. He too describes a number of poltical events that occured that solidified the formation of the union and how that changed the universtiy as a whole.  

June Schaefer

August 25, 2010

June Schaefer discusses the origin of gifts of George Shiras’ photographs to NMU’s Devos Art Museum.

Timothy Scheneman October 30, 1994 NMU sophomore Tim Scheneman shares his experiences at Northern including classes, the community, and dorm life.   
Christopher Secord  January 29, 2007  Student Chris Secord talks about his time at Northern and perspectives of campus including many details of how house governments in the residence halls operate.   
Robert Sibilisky April 15, 1998 Robert Sibilisky describes the interesting duties of what it was like being the head of the Purchasing Department at NMU. Robert explains that his job was not always just purchasing but also printing services, transportation and trash pick up to name a few. Robert was also involved in a number of the campuses' sports clubs such as hockey and basketball.  
Thomas Skoog July 29, 1994  Marquette native Thomas Skoogs talks about many aspects of the John D. Pierce Schoo, Marquette, and Northern as both a student in the 1950s and a staff member. Details include faculty, the Heart of Northern, buildings, classes, clubs and fraternities, student life, conduct, legislative issues, working in the registrars office, and the adjustment to the computer age.   
Thomas Skoog July, 1996 Expanding on his earlier interview, Thomas Skoog goes into more depth about his time as a student at the John D. Pierce schools. He talks about classes, specific teachers, mischievous activities, sports, and the social life.   
David Slick  November 19, 1998 David Slick talks about his father, Carl Slick, who was an instructor at Northern in the 1920s. He also discusses attending the John D. Pierce school, the changes on campus, and his own academic career.   
Richard Sonderegger July 19, 1994  Faculty member in the Department of History beginning in 1958, Dr. Sondregger gives his own background, impressions of Northern, early faculty, a depiction of the history and development of the department, and his depiction of past NMU presidents.   

Sonderegger Symposium I


First annual Sonderegger Symposium, NMU Campus, Marquette Michigan.  Part 1: Presenters Tom Friggins, Keith Widder, Paula Stofer, and David Krause field questions from Symposium Panel.  Part 2:  Opening remarks by Dr. Terry Seethoff, Dean of College of Arts and Sciences.  Presentation by John Anderton on the historic use of fire by local Native Americans and its impact on the environmental landscape.  Dr. Keith Widder speaks of the important role of Metis people of the Upper Great Lakes area.  Dr. David Krause discusses early mineral exploration of the Upper Peninsula.  Judy Demark’s presentation focuses on Finnish immigration in the Marquette Iron Range.

John and Patricia Stapleton November 25, 1989 The Stapleton's talk about their experiences at Northern as students in the mid 1960's. They discuss campus life, and the changing times of the '60's including the racial differences on campus and the effect of the Vietnam war on student protests.   
Fred Stenkamp  April 24, 1987  Fred Stenkamp talks about the history of some of the building on campus and the happenings of the 1960s and 1970s.   
Paul Suomi  March 27, 1992 Paul Suomi discusses his time at Northern in the late 50s, and 60s as a student. Details include his personal background growing up in Ishpeming, what brought him to Northern, and general student life surroding the school.   
Matt Surrell April 7, 1995 Matt Surrell discusses his experience being the secretary of the Board at NMU, and the process of selecting President Appleberry and President Vandament.  
Elda Tate 1995 Dr. Elda Tate discusses her time in NMU's music department as a professor and the head of the department. She gives her insights along with information and goals that the music department strives to achieve.   
Rollin Thoren December 1, 1995  Rollin Thoren talks about his time at as a student at Northern in the 1930s and working in the John D. Pierce school in the 40s and 50s. He dicusses his time working with Don Bottum, Mrs. Payne, Dr. West, Dr. Halverson, and Dr. Hunt. He also touches on the effects of WWII on Northern and the Great Depression along with athletics.   

George and Betey Tomasi

April 7, 2009

George and Betey Tomasi discuss the Barracks Boys program and life at Northern Michigan University in the 1950s.

Wilbert Treloar July 6, 1995 Former NMU student Wilbery Treloar talks about being a student in the 1920s including average student life, faculty members, President Tate, organizations, assemblies, and the academic programs offered.   
Dan Truckey October 5, 2009  Director of the Beaumier Heritage Center Dan Truckey gives his background and what brought him back to Northern after his time as an undergrad. He discusses the inception of the center, it's development, projects, and student involvement.   
Bruce Turner  March 22, 1996  Bruce Turner talks about th beginnings and development of the WNMU-TV station on campus.   
Emil Valda  No Date Given  Head of the NMU Department of Sociology from 1967-1975, Emil Valda discusses his career and the changes in the department.   
Danielle VanBeckum  November 9, 2009  Graduate student of biology, Danielle VanBeckum talks about her background and highlights the differences between going to school at Northern and attending UW-Green Bay.   
William and Margery Vandement  February 5, 1997  Former President Bill Vandement discusses his path and time at Northern. Along with his wife Margery, they talk about their various moves,  improvements to Northern, creating community, academic standards, and his overall impressions of the presidency.   
William Vandament  March 19, 1996 William Vandament former Northern Michigan University president opens up about his personal life and educational background and how that has influenced many of his decisions while being president at NMU. He also talks extensively about the goals he has brought to campus and his hopes for the future Northern.  
William Vandament June 23, 1997 William Vandament discusses his role as NMU president and the changes that he made to Northern's campus through his six years as university president. Dr. Vandament talks in depth about the university's budget and how decisions are made on improving the campus and where that money is coming from. The last topic discussed is what is Vandament's legacy and what the future holds for him as he heads into retirement.   
John Vandezande November 16, 1994 John Vandezande talks about his time at Northern in the late 1950's as a student and becoming a professor of English in 1964. He discusses the four course plan, physical changes to the campus, faculty student relations, other faculty members, academic community, and his overall observations.    
Mark Vassalo  No Date Given  Mark Vassalo discusses how his education at NMU prepared him for his career in Zoology.  
Kaye Wahtera  January 18, 1995 A student at the J.D Pierce school in the 1920s, Kate Wahtera describes his time there and how his family came to Marquette. Ha talks about faculty members, different presidents, being a Northern student, the development of the industrial tech program when he came back in the 1950s as a professor, and general changes in the university over the century.   
Gerald Waite March 30, 1995 Gerald Waite, a professor of English at NMU discusses the changes to the journalism minor program at Northern Michigan University.   
Jackie Walsh September 2, 2005 Jackie Walsh discusses her reasons for choosing Northern and some of her extra curricular activities she is involved in on campus.  
Kathryn Walters April 8, 1996 Kathryn Walters talks about the beginnings of the Writing Center, the Writing Proficiency exam, and general details of the Department of English.   

Andrew Wasilewski

July 28, 2009

Andrew Wasilewski discusses how Northern Michigan University has evolved since the early days and touches on many of the issues faced over the years.

Lilian Wasmuth-Coldren  June 21, 1994 Lilian Wasmuth-Coldren talks about her time at Northern in the early 1900s. Details include student life, the Heart of Northern, faculty members, the impacts of World War 1, and campus organizations. She also discusses her teaching job and her classmates.   
John West March 24, 1995  Grandson of Luther West, John West talks about his grandfather's personal life and career at Northern.  
Luther West  August 1, 1972 Dr. Luther West gives his personal story and discusses his career as a professor and member of the administration at NMU. He talks about faculty issues, presidents, the effects of World War 2, and general changes to the campus and courses.   
Eugene Whitehouse May 18, 1981 Eugene Whitehouse talks about his start at Northern in the history department, changes to campus, and his transition to being Associate Dean. He discusses the McClellan Controversy, the McGoff issues, and the general development of the department.   
Eugene Whitehouse April 6, 1995  Eugene Whitehouse gives details of the different positions he has held at Northern and the general development of the history department.   

Eugene Whitehouse

August 27, 2008

Eugene Whitehouse discusses Professor Andrei Lobanov-Rostovsky and provides his point of view on some of the polarizing controversies that have occurred during the growth of Northern Michigan University since the 1960's.

Eugene Whitehouse No Date Given Eugene talks about the general changes he has seen in his time at Northern.   

Frank Williamson

March 17, 2010

Frank Williamson discusses his days cheerleading and going to school at NMU in the mid-1960s. Topics include Williamson's personal background, his experiences in the NMU cheerleading program, what NMU was like in the 1960s and the changes that were happening there, Marquette in the 1960s, and his schooling in the Biology Department.


Les Wong

Multiple interviews - 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, and 2012

In a series of five interviews NMU President Les Wong discusses significant events, decisions, and initiatives during his time as president.

Richard Wright  April 6, 1995 Richard Wright, a former NMU sociology professor discusses some of the changes to the campus since his arrival in the 1960's. Wright talks about the physical changes that happened on campus but also relationships among faculty and the shift to becoming a bigger university.