Department and Student News Stories


"Culinary Cafe' opening (Feb.)
"Chez Nous opening" (Mar.)



"Chez Nous opening" (Nov.)
"Culinary Cafe' opening" (Oct.)
"Celebrating 20 Years of Aviation" (Feb.)


"Gingerbread Decorations for Kaye House" (Jan.)
"Students Construct Concrete Forms" (Feb.)
"NMU Crew Volunteers on Isle Royale" (May)
"Michelle Bommarito Takes the Cake" (Sept.)


"Meeting Industry Needs" (March)
"Fundraiser Gala" (April)
"HM Rolls in the Dough for Charity" (June)
"EAA Young Eagles Take Flight" (Sept.)
"Pampering Big Brothers Big Sisters" (Oct.)
"Education and Career Opportunities at SCAN" (Oct.)
"Opening Night at Chez Nous" (Nov.)


"CM and HVACR Collaboration" (Feb.)
"An Energy Audit" (March)
"Spring Gala" (April)
"Come See What We've Been Cookin' Up" (Sept.)
"Hoop House Collaboration" (Oct.)
"Sunset Point Pavilion Project" (Nov.)
"A Solid Foundation" (Dec.)


"Constructors Volunteer Post-Katrina" (Jan.)
"Cooperative Efforts with the U.S. Luge Association" (Feb.)
"In Preparation of the Pow-Wow Feast" (March)
"Benches for Marquette" (April)
"HVACR Students Head to Local Grocery Stores" (Oct.)


Creating Awareness Along the Lakeshore” (Aug.)
Internships are Key” (Aug.)  
Windpower 2007” (Sept.)   
Providing the Experience We’re Known For” (Sept.)
Homecoming Highlights” (Oct.)
Construction and Technology Job Fair Turnout” (Oct.)
NMU Student Places Fourth at Model Mania” (Oct.)
Laddering: From Certificate to Baccalaureate” (Nov.)
Constructors Volunteer for ‘Heroes at Home’” (Dec.)