Technology and Occupational Studies, College of Courses

Automotive Service Technology

AUT 100 Automotive Lab/Industry Safety
AUT 105 Automotive Mathematics
AUT 162 Steering, Suspension and Alignment
AUT 163 Brakes
AUT 164 Engine Repair
AUT 166 Manual Drive Trains and Axles
AUT 170 Electrical/Electronic Systems I
AUT 230 Heating and Air Conditioning
AUT 260 Automatic Transmission and Transaxle
AUT 262 Engine Performance I
AUT 264 Engine Performance II
AUT 268 Automotive Service Repair
AUT 272 Electrical/Electronic Systems II
AUT 291 Automotive Service Repair Internship

Aviation Maintenance Techology

AMT 101 Introduction to Aviation Maintenance
AMT 102 Aircraft Basic Science
AMT 103 Aviation Shop Practices
AMT 104 Aircraft Electrical Systems
AMT 200 Aircraft sheet Metal/Non-Metallic Structures
AMT 201 Reciprocating Engines and Propellers
AMT 202 Aircraft Flight Control Systems
AMT 203 Reciprocating Engine Overhaul
AMT 204 Turbine Engines and Systems
AMT 205 Aircraft Fluid Power and Landing Gear
AMT 206 Cabin Atmosphere and Information Systems
AMT 207 Turbine Engine Maintenance and Inspection
AMT 295 Special Topics in Aviation

Construction Systems

CN 107 Construction Documents
CN 110 Construction Processes
CN 153 Introduction to Construction Design
CN 156 Construction Systems and Methods
CN 158 Concrete and Masonry
CN 251 Construction Field Operations
CN 252 Codes and Inspection
CN 254 Construction Survey and Layout
CN 278 Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Systems
CN 283 Construction Estimating
CN 291 Construction Internship
CN 295 Special Topics in Construction
CN 298 Directed Study and Research
CN 353 Soils and Foundations
CN 357 Legal Aspects of Construction
CN 358 Bidding Strategies
CN 369 Construction Economics and Standard Practices
CN 372 Advanced Design and Conventions
CN 445 Property Development
CN 450 Project Control
CN 455 Construction Safety
CN 459 Construction Management
CN 491 Construction Internship
CN 495 Special Topics in Construction
CN 498 Directed Study and Research


COS 111 Fundamentals of Cosmetology
COS 112 Fundamentals of Cosmetology II
COS 113 Fundamental Application of Physical Services
COS 121 Intermediate Cosmetology I
COS 122 Intermediate Cosmetology II
COS 123 Intermediate Application of Physical Services
COS 131 Advanced Cosmetology I
COS 132 Advanced Cosmetology II
COS 133 Advanced Applications of Physical Services
COS 141 Master Level of Cosmetology I
COS 142 Master Level of Cosmetology II
COS 143 Master Level Application of Physical Services
COS 150 Sanitation, Laws, Management
COS 151 Mechanical, Electrical Safety
COS 152 General Anatomy & Physiology and Disorders & Disease of the Skin
COS 153 Artistic Principles
COS 154 Facial Techniques
COS 155 Occupational Safety and Health
COS 195 Special Topics in Cosmetology

Cosmetology Instructor

HR 060 Theory of Cosmetology Fundamentals
HR 061 Theory of Cosmetology Supervision
HR 062 Theory of Cosmetology Administration
HR 063 Practice of Cosmetology Fundamentals
HR 064 Practice of Cosmetology Supervision

Electrical Line

EL 010 Line Electrician Field Practicum I
EL 011 Fundamentals of Electricity
EL 012 Introduction to Line Electrician Safety
EL 013 Electrical Formulas
EL 014 Computer Skills for Electrical Trades
EL 020 Electrician Field Practicum II
EL 021 Applied Electricity for Linepersons
EL 022 Advanced Line Electrician Safety
EL 023 Line Electrician Career Seminar
EL 024 Construction Standards for Line Electricians

Heating and Ventilation

HV 170 Applied Electricity for Trades
HV 171 Basic Heating
HV 172 Basic Refrigeration
HV 173 Heating Systems I
HV 174 ACR System Principles and Methods
HV 260 Principles of Air Delivery Systems
HV 270 Advanced Hydronics
HV 271 Advanced Commercial Refrigeration
HV 273 Comfort Systems Designs
HV 275 HVACR Fieldwork, Contracting and Business Operations
HV 291 HVACR Internship
HV 298 Directed Study and Research

Hospitality Management

HM 100 Food Selection and Preparation
HM 101 Hospitality Math
HM 111 Food Service Sanitation
HM 112 Introduction to the Tourism and Hospitality Industry
HM 115 Professional Cooking I
HM 116 Baking I
HM 120 Professional Cooking II
HM 125 Professional Baking II
HM 201 Food Service Nutrition
HM 202 Baking Basics
HM 203 Pastry Techniques
HM 204 Artisan Breads
HM 205 Food and Film
HM 210 Supervision in the Hospitality Industry
HM 214 Cost Control for the Hospitality Industry
HM 220 Hospitality Human Resources
HM 221 Hospitality Services Management
HM 225 Banquets and Catering
HM 226 Purchasing for the Hospitality Industry
HM 240 Introduction to Lodging Operations
HM 245 Hospitality Accounting and Revenue Management
HM 250 Hospitality Management Corporate Communication (Disney)
HM 251 Disney Experiential Learning
HM 252 Advanced Studies in Hospitality Management (Disney)
HM 253 Hopitality Personnel Management (Disney)
HM 254 Organizational Leadership for the Hospitality Industry (Disney)
HM 255 Hospitality Management Corporate Analysis (Disney)
HM 256 Marketing You: Personal and Career Development (Disney)
HM 257 Hospitality Management Creativity & Innovation (Disney)
HM 260 Front Office Operations
HM 295 Special Topics in Hospitality Management
HM 298 Special Topics in Hospitality
HM 310 Menu Analysis Design
HM 312 Travel and Tourism Management
HM 315 Multicultural Foods
HM 318 Resort Development
HM 320 Introduction to Gaming Management
HM 330 Beverage and Bar Management
HM 340 A Study in Food Science
HM 400 Introduction to Wine Studies
HM 401 Internship
HM 450 Hospitality Operations Plan and Design
HM 480 Current Issues in the Hospitality Industry
HM 495 Special Topics in Hospitality
HM 497 Teaching Research/Apprenticehip
HM 498 Directed Study in Hospitality Management

Industrial Maintenance

IM 105 Applied Technical Mathematics
IM 110 Industrial Measurement and Fabrication
IM 115 Basic Electricity for Industrial Technicians
IM 125 Introduction to OSHA
IM 147 Rigging and Hoisting
IM 195A Contemporary Work Concepts
IM 195B Occupational Safety
IM 214 Alignment, Power Transmission and Conveyors
IM 215 Advanced Mechanical Power Transmission Systems
IM 220 Pumps, Piping and Valves
IM 298 Directed Study and Research

Occupational Studies

OC 080 General Mathematics


WD 140 Introduction to Welding
WD 180 Multi-Positional Welding
WD 243 Advanced Arc Welding
WD 244 Welding Inspection and Assessment
WD 251 Introduction to Pipe Welding
WD 253 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
WD 270 Weld Testing and Certification
WD 295 Special Topics in Welding
WD 298 Directed Study and Research

Wood Technology