Fearless in the Face of Finding Employment

luke oberdorfer“Building for the future at NMU”

Northern Michigan University is always attempting to build, expand and advance itself and the minds of its students. This idea serves as more than just a metaphor for NMU graduate Luke Oberdorfer, who gained valuable, professional experience when offered an internship with a contractor that was working on campus. That internship eventually turned into full-time employment during the creation of the new John X. Jamrich Hall.

After completing the associate’s degree in building technology and the bachelor’s degree in construction management in just three and a half years, Luke decided to pursue a master’s of business administration from NMU’s College of Business.

He was amazed at the amount of planning that went into a complex project with an extremely aggressive deadline. Luke was proud to be part of the team that delivered a LEED certified smart building that is pleasing to the eye.

When the dedication and grand opening was held for the new Jamrich Hall, Luke was working in Texas. The contractor valued his performance so much, it flew Luke to Marquette for the ceremony. Luke’s ability to communicate effectively, solve problems and resolve conflicts are some of the key skills that can be developed at NMU.