Teaching and Learning Advisory Council

Operating Procedures

Membership:  The Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee shall have nine voting members with faculty rank as approved by the Academic Senate.  Committee terms of the nine members shall be three years, one-third of which shall expire each year.  If a member misses more than three meetings a semester, the Committee may ask the Committee on Elections and Committees to replace that member. Members of the committee must participate in the peer observation training program within one year of appointment. They are encouraged to volunteer as peer observers. 

Officers:  The Committee shall be headed by a Chairperson selected by the Committee.  The Chair sets the agenda and calls the meetings, subject to the will of the Committee.  If the Chair is to be absent from a regularly scheduled meeting, he/she can designate a temporary acting head.  The Committee shall make provisions for recording its proceedings.  That may be done by selecting an ongoing Secretary or by any other means that insures that there will be a record of the Committee’s proceedings.  Ordinarily, the Chair or a representative of the Chair will represent the Committee with other units of the University when that is necessary. 

Elections:  The Committee shall elect the Chair at the last regularly scheduled meeting of the academic year.  The Chair will then assume that position immediately and arrange for and call the first meeting of the next academic year.

Quorum:  The quorum for the Committee shall be a majority of its membership.  In the interim between the close of the academic year and the opening of the Fall Semester, the Committee’s new faculty members who have been appointed for the coming academic year can be counted to make up the quorum if a situation should arise where that is necessary.

Voting:  Decisions are made by a majority vote of those present and voting.

Meetings:  The Committee shall meet on a regular basis throughout the academic year.  The frequency of meetings will be determined by the Committee and on a need basis.  However, the Committee must conduct its first meeting during the first month of the academic year.

Duties:  The primary responsibility of the Committee is to carry out the stated mission of the Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee.  That mission is to help meet NMU’s mission (of forming an academic community where the best teaching and learning are available to those in its programs) by stimulating the creation of a campus culture that truly values, promotes, recognizes, and rewards excellence in teaching and learning in proportion to its stated significance in the university mission.

The Committee has a responsibility to coordinate its efforts with other units and programs of the University whose missions are similar.