Teaching and Learning Advisory Council Mission

The mission of the Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee (TLAC), a standing committee of the Academic Senate, is to help meet NMU’s mission (of forming an academic programs) by stimulating the creation of a campus culture that truly values, promotes, recognizes, and rewards excellence in teaching and learning in proportion to its stated significance in the university mission.

TLAC activities involve:

  1. Engaging the university community in a dialogue concerning such issues as "How value excellence in teach and learning is perceived to be," "What constitutes excellence in teaching and learning, and how do we know?" "How do we best work toward excellence in teaching and learning?" "How, if at all, can technology relate to excellence in teaching and learning? etc.
  2. Serving as a resource to the university concerning teaching and learning information, including philosophy, methodology, technology, science of learning information, etc.
  3. Determining the needs of faculty members in their quest to achieve teaching and learning outcomes and assisting them to meet those needs
  4. Recommending policies for promoting and improving the impetus for teaching and learning excellence
  5. Networking with other committees (where appropriate) to meet shared goals
  6. Recognizing teaching and learning excellence on campus
  7. Providing faculty with opportunities to encounter varied teaching and learning practices and to share its expertise.