One way to get involved in Northern Michigan University’s sustainability efforts is to serve on a committee that makes decisions about things happening on campus that have an environment impact. 

The two committees that are specifically related to sustainability efforts are the On-Campus Environmental Committee, with oversight by the Engineering and Planning and Facilities and Operations departments, and the Environmental Innovation Program, which has oversight by Academic Affairs.  These two committees are charged to work cooperatively to address and manage the majority of sustainability and environmental issues and initiatives.  There are representatives from across the campus – students, faculty, staff and community members – on both committees.  You can learn more about these committees via the links to the left.

However, there are some additional committees on campus that are not solely focused on environmental issues, but whose work and decision-making, at times, may involve decisions that impact NMU’s sustainability.  Some examples include the NMU Parking Committee (as it pertains to decisions about parking lots on campus and driving access), the Academic Senate (for academic course and program decisions) and the AQIP Steering Committee (in selection of the university’s annual AQIP action projects). 

To find out more about committee members for groups with sustainability impact, e-mail and your e-mail will be forwarded to the appropriate committee chair who can respond with more details.