On-Campus Environmental Committee


    Brandon Sager – Committee Chair
     Facilities-Engineering & Planning

    Art Gischia – Co-Chair
     Purchasing/Auxiliary Services

    Jean Schultz – Secretary to Committee Chair

    Carl Holm
     Housing and Residence Life

    Tanya Savage
     Housing and Residence Life

    Sharon Carey
     Dining Services

    Patrice Epps

    Kimberly Olli
     Clerical – Records Office

    Mark Harrick
     Waste Management

    Paul Wright

    Lee Gould
      Public Safety

    Carl Bammert
      Intercollegiate Athletics and Rec Sports

    Travis Reamer
     Housing & Residence Life


    Aaron Whitaker

    Amanda Emerson

    Courtney Russell

    Holly Kasberger

    John O'Bryan

    Megan Persons

    Stas Bialecki

    Zach Bartel
      Environmental Science Org.

    Araya Montero
      Students for Sustainable Living

    Hailey Spillane
      Students for Sustainable Living & Green Place

    Kim Randolf

    Kyle Brock

    Justin Brugman

    Ivana Busuttil