Michigan Campus Compact Winners for 2013

Nick_Cook_Action_s.jpgEach year Michigan Campus Compact awards students from member colleges and universities across the state for their outstanding commitment to service learning and civic engagement.  Three types of awards are given:  the Outstanding Community Impact Award, the Commitment to Service Award and the Heart and Soul Award.  The Outstanding Community Award is given to students who have made service an integral part of their college experience in significant contribution to their community, through building partnerships and demonstration of personal reflection to a commitment of lifelong engagement.  Congratulations to Nick Cook for receiving one of six Outstanding Community Impact awards through Michigan Campus Compact!  He is the first NMU student to ever be selected for this award! 

Courtney Brown will receive the Commitment to Service Award which is only given to 33 students statewide and recognizes the students' breadth or depth of community involvement or service experiences. 

Fifty NMU students will receive the Heart and Soul Award which is given to students to recognize their time, effort and personal commitment to their communities through service.  NMU winners include Matthew Bizoe, Ellyn Carroll, Cheyenne Cecchini, Charlotte Cialek, Havah Cohn-Mitchell, Kevin Corkin, Sarah Cousineau, Brook Derusha, Arika Egan, Abby Engen, Melissa Esser, Matthew Flessner, Ashley Foster, Brendan Franklin, Brandon Frazho, Rachel Gruler, Jennifer Hamberg, Cassandra Hastings, Alycia Heckathorn, Corinne Holmes, Rozemary Howard, Amelia Johnson, Sarah Juday, Danielle Keeler, Wenfei Kou, Andrew Lane, Tina Lavalley, Shelbi Lisecki, Kathryn Mara, Amanda Marcotte, Julie McLean, Katie Miller, Troy Morris, Sarah Muellerleile, Jordan Paquet, Cassandra Pelky, Sara Pingel, Neil Poglese, Bailey Pohl, Kimberly Randolph, Abigail Roche, Elizabeth Sabin, Hailey Schroeder, Magan Scully, Olivia Steil, Mitchell Stephenson, Amanda Sterzick, Emily Stulz, Anthony Wilson, and Libby Woodford.

Nick, Courtney, and the rest of the NMU students will receive their awards at the 17th annual Outstanding Service Awards Celebration at the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center in East Lansing on Saturday, April 13.  Congratulations to all of these wonderful NMU students!