Spotlight on...Amanda Sterzick

Congratulations to Amanda Sterzick for completing all four edges for the Superior Edge!  Originally from Saranac, Michigan, Amanda is a senior majoring in psychology/behavior analysis with a minor in human services. 

Amanda has been very involved on and off campus.  She has logged over 580 hours participating in various activities such as helping at a math competition, working with youth, volunteering at a homeless shelter, and giving a presentation at a large undergraduate conference.

Of all her activities, Amanda states that her favorite activity was working with the Humbling Down youth retreat team that was started as a Student Leader Fellowship Program community service internship.  She says, "This was my favorite activity because I was able to share and grow in my faith, build stronger relationships with my peers, and improve my leadership and interpersonal skills."

Amanda is a Superior Edge advocate stating that her favorite part of the program was going through and reflecting on her activities.  Through Superior Edge, Amanda was able to step outside of her comfort zone and "see where I started at NMU and how much I have grown as a person, leader, and citizen."

Great job, Amanda!