Student Staff

Below is a complete list of our employed students including tutors, office staff, and our webmaster. Due to confidentiality of our employees, contact information will not be given for any tutor until after an appointment has been set up through our office.


  • Rachel Bazen
  • Jennifer Betthauser
  • Emily Blandford
  • Dazie Dale
  • Julio Diaz
  • Jordan Devenney
  • Erin Estes
  • Kylie Ewald
  • Clara Gagnon
  • Alee Hill
  • Samm Lehmann
  • Josh Nickels
  • Ryan Peterson  


  • Nick Salin
  • Alyssa Sawyer
  • Brandon Seguin
  • Cecilia Smith
  • Sara Sutherland
  • Annika Wheeler
  • Natalie Yeck


Office Staff

  • Eben Leon-Gomez
  • Emily Saunders



  • Abie Kaminski