Student Staff

Below is a complete list of our employed students including tutors, office staff, and our webmaster. Due to confidentiality of our employees, contact information will not be given for any tutor until after an appointment has been set up through our office.


  • Kelly Aldrich

  • Riley Andridge

  • Elizabeth Butler

  • Megan Castro Lopez

  • Mary Dillow

  • Arika Egan

  • Angela Goodwin

  • Mallory Huizenga

  • Alex Lucas

  • Victoria Mattson

  • Mollie McConnell

  • Emily Sprengelmeyer

  • Quentin Sprengelmeyer

  • Holly Wahl

  • Sarah Waters

  • Melissa Zeglen


Office Staff

  • Kaylee McIntyre

  • Paige Law

  • Taylor Ring