"Experiences like the SLFP require some time to reveal the full extent of their impact, change potential, and value.  Like a good red wine, I feel that the SLFP gets better with every year and I feel now, 15 years after graduating from it, that the full benefits are coming out.  Since my time at NMU, I have lived and worked in South Africa, Ghana, Washington, DC, and Kenya and in all places have been involved in some service activity or another.  There is no way that I could have done all the things without having the SLFP as an integral part of me.  It is my inner compass."

Holger Wagner
1995-1997 Student Fellow 


"The Student Leader Fellowship Program at Northern Michigan University is one of the most exciting, challenging, and innovative programs of leadership development training in America and Canada. I have visited over 500 campuses and this program stands out because it teaches the concept of 'leadership' as a service. The hours and hours of community service completed by the students are astonishing. The program is destined to empower student leaders committed to making the world a better place."

Dr. Will Keim
Leadership Expert


“Being a part of such a cutting-edge leadership program was a tremendous opportunity that continues to pay dividends.  My involvement in the Student Leader Fellowship Program (SLFP) provided me with experience and insight that I continue to lean on in my business years. As a member of the first class, I’m very proud of what the SLFP has become and how many lives it impacts through involvement, mentoring, and community service. I will be forever grateful for having the opportunity to be a part of such a great organization.”

Eric P. Bolduc
1991-1993 Student Fellow

Chris Windy
“Over the past two years in the SLFP, I have developed many skills and learned more than I could have expected about myself.  I felt a great sense of responsibility and commitment, improved my communication skills, and learned that I can lead in many more ways than I previously thought.  Overall, the SLFP has left me confident in my leadership abilities and ready to use them to help others in the future.”

Chris Windy
2009-2011 Student Fellow


"I am constantly using my skills and ideas that the SLFP helped me develop, but now I am starting to pass these things on to the students I work with every day. It is amazing to me that I have the opportunity to influence people the way I was influenced by everyone involved in the SLFP."

Kris Day
1991-1993 Student Fellow


"Compared to all of the leadership opportunities I have had, the Student Leader Fellowship Program has been the most innovative and interactive that I have been exposed to. From the exploration of many leadership theories in class to the implementation of those concepts in my Community Service Internship, the program has provided me with an amazing insight into the vast world of leadership. In addition to the remarkable skills that I have acquired, I have made a great number of friendships that will undoubtedly last a lifetime."

Pete Pelletier
2002-04 Student Fellow


"The SLFP offered many great experiences during my time as a Fellow and has had a significant impact on my life since I graduated the program.  We started the program as individuals in interviews and started to become a cohesive group the night we chose our Block color.  I have fond memories of a sunny afternoon "Blowing in the Wind" and a nighttime under the stars at the Fall Retreat.  The Skill Builders were great opportunities to learn important skills in a fun and interesting way.  We had many provocative discussions during class, but my favorite class memories are of the first one!  I am grateful for my relationship with my mentor and a challenging and rewarding community service project.  Most of all, though, I am grateful for the skills I gained that helped me get an amazing job and help me make a positive impact on those around me, whether at work, while volunteering, or entirely off-duty."

Jenny Jo Mueller
1999-2001 Student Fellow Orange Block