2013-2014 Financial Donors

$500+ Student Fellow Sponsor

Dave and Sandy Bonsall

Kevin and Judy Boyle

Garnet Lewis and Vicky Cobb

Dr. Sandra Michaels and Dr. Dennis Badaczewski

Cindy Paavola

Bruce and Pamela Roberts

Rotary Club of Marquette

Daniel Schirk

Robert and Cheryl Stoll

William and Wilma Verrette

$300+ Student Fellow Co-Sponsor

Mary Kellermann

Linda and Michael Rosenkranz

Gavin and Sara Telfer

Amy Uecke

$150+ Student Fellow Supporter

Jon and Maggie Barch

Michael and Dr. Ginger Bohl

Lindsey and Tyson Butorac

Bradley Diller

Heidi Ernst

Dr. Duane and Theresa Fowler

Leonard Geiger

Dr. Paul and Mona Lang

J'Aimee and David Lippert



Father Allen Mott

Robert and Carolyn Myers

Judy Watson Olson and William Olson

Shannon and Christian Schuster

Gayle Sullivan and Stanley Cahill

The Cliffs Foundation

Carissa Waters

Jill and Scott White



$100+ Friend of the Student Leader Fellowship Program

James Anderson and Vicki Wurzburg

Nene Bah

Dr. Judith Bailey and Brendon Bailey Jr.

Carol and Ronald Bergman

Bottom Line Black, Inc.

Merry Jo Brandimore

David Buick

CA Technologies, Inc.

Carissa and Eric Chase

Brian and Sherri Cherry

Douglas Egan

Terri and Robert Fawkes

Kathy and Douglas Grosso

Rachel and John Harris

Sharon Hickey

Andrew and Sarah Hill

Carol and John Hopkins

Michelle Janisz

Kristi Korb

Dr. Diane Kordich and Dr. Russell Magnaghi

Paul and Lisa Kotz

Kristen and James Kroger

David and Virginia Luft

Dr. Walter Niebauer, Jr.

Edward and Sara Niemi

Carl and Joan Nystrom

Amy and Jeff O'Brien

Dr. Larry Pagel

Elisabeth and Lester Power

Dr. Lesley Putnum

Lori Rebhan

Susan Root

Amy Schulz

Daniel Stencil

Paul Theisen

Skyla Vandervest

Joel Yacks and Chante Lasco


$50+ Contributor to the Student Leader Fellowship Program

Karen Bacula

David Barrette

Sierra and Robert Bishop

Allison Bowles

Mary and Herbert Brundage

Erin and Thomas Bryan

Rebecca and Dale Burns

Britt and David Campbell

Gerri and Brian Daniels

Jill Dark

Esther Deno

Marina Dupler and Nicholas Van Court

Ivan Fende

Kathleen and Kim Frazier

Michelle Halley

Lynn and Steven Gosian

Christine and Kreg Greer

Deanna Hemmlia

Ingersoll-Rand Charitable Foundation

Cara and Jon Kamps

Kara and Christopher Katona

Gregory and Christina Kleinheinz

Karen and Austin Krueger

Cynthia Lewis Shaffer and Gary Shaffer

John and Jane Lunn

Murray and Jody MacGready

Erin and Kalin McCormick

Sarah Nagy

Janice Nash Kanka an Gerald Kanka

Stacie Norrman

Nuveen Investments Holdings

Laurie and David Ostrowski

Steven and Joni Peffers

Angela Phillips

Thomas and Sherrie Renaud

Jennifer Stinson-Gabriel and George Gabriel

Andrew and Barbara Terrien

Linda and John VanDeWeghe

Vango's Lounge and Pizza

Jeri Wendt

Jill Wieciech

Lisa Wiese

John Zubiena


Other Contributors

Diane and Mark Aamodt

Sara Cambensy

Vivian Carlson

Patricia and William Cooke

Norma Demarse

Amanda Dinkel

Jodie Filpus

Dr. James Hendricks

Elizabeth and John Jaakola

Jane and Richard Jamsen

Jane Kamps

Claire Knoche

Christine Larson

Victoria Leonhardt

Bob Gonyea and Angela Lexmond


Patricia and John Limback

Jason Morgan

Sarah Muellerleile

Shawn and Rev. Paul Olson

Juditch and Terry Parlato

Karen Paulosky

Anna Prahl

Amy and Daniel Pruner

Jacqeline and Gary Schneider

Loren and Mary Snyder

DeAnna and Henry Strand

Matthew and Jane Surrell

Bonnie Walk

Margaret Whiteman