The SLFP Endowment was created in 2001 to help ensure the SLFP could continue its commitment to developing competent, ethical, and community-centered leaders. More recently, the Fund was renamed to honor a key contributor, role model, and legacy of the SLFP.

The SLFP Endowment Fund was officially renamed the David L. Bonsall Endowment for the Student Leader Fellowship Program at our summer retreat. Dave was instrumental in creating the SLFP. He helped write the initial grant that allowed for the creation of the program and has contributed a significant amount of money to the endowment every year since it was established. He was involved with coordinating and sustaining the program for 22 years. He has attended every fall retreat and served as keynote speaker at dinner multiple times. Dave served as the site adviser for multiple internship projects, been a mentor for the past 5 years, presented Skill Builder! workshops on a variety of leadership topics, and he taught the UN 250 class for many years.

Perhaps, most important of all, Dave lives his life in a way that exemplifies the vision and goals of this tremendous program. For these reasons and more, the SLFP endowment will forever bear his name. This year we are excited to announce that the David L. Bonsall Endowment for the Student Leader Fellowship Program is approaching $250,000!

This program is unique to NMU and the Marquette community. Since its creation, SLFP members have logged 96,544 internship hours at 378 different sites in the Marquette community. The SLFP provides a nurturing environment for the development of leadership skills, opens doors for its members, and aims to foster lifelong community leaders. We are incredibly grateful for the 800 people who have made donations over the years and would love to see that number grow. Every contribution, no matter what size, helps us get closer to ensuring that the SLFP will forever be a part of the NMU experience.

If you would like to donate to the SLFP you can do so on the NMU Foundation website ( Be sure to select the “click here for other requests” option on the drop down menu underneath the Designation section of the form. You can then type “David L. Bonsall Endowment for the Student Leader Fellowship Program” into the text box. We encourage you to consider supporting student leaders by donating to this program!


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