SLFP Welcomes the Ice Block


The Ice Block Is Here To Stay





There’s nothing like a game of human bingo to break the ice. The room was buzzing with energy and excitement as 64 students nervously mingled, inquiring about everything from polar plunge experiences to Eben Ice Cave visits. We should have known that all this frosty talk was a sign of how the rest of the evening would play out.

Each year the Student Leader Fellowship Program receives over 100 applications from dedicated students looking to develop their leadership skills. The SLFP is two-year program designed to develop, facilitate and foster lifelong leaders. It aims to instill in its members the importance of community service and encourage the formation of positive relationships between NMU students and the Marquette community.

One of the highlights of this program is that each new block gets to choose a color to represent them. Over the years there has been everything from Burgundy to Aqua to Banana. After a heated session of color nominations and voting, we are proud to announce the 2014-2016 Ice Block!

The Ice Blocks will be the 24th group to journey through the SLFP. Jon Barch, the director of the program, expressed what excites him most about the incoming group, “They’re all amazing, accomplished and motivated students. Their collective energy and pride for having been selected for this program is really fun.” Jon isn't the only person excited about what the SLFP has to offer. Clair Laws is a sophomore majoring in marketing and is  new Ice Block. She said, "I am excited to meet new people, partake in all the activities, volunteer and make a difference at Northern and in the community." Clair, like the rest of the students in this program, sees the value in leadership. "I'm striving to improve as an individual and as a leader because it's important to me."

During its 23 years of existence, the SLFP has had 862 members. There have been 96,544 internship hours logged at 378 different sites in the Marquette community. Each new block brings its own color (quite literally) to the program and new ideas for leadership and service. Jon loves his position because he gets to witness it first-hand. "In my position I get to know all of them really well by the end of the two years. I'm excited to discover all their diverse passions and interests for impacting the community."

We are excited to watch the Ice Blocks develop into life-long community leaders. We are confident that their accomplishments will continue to be as great as the blocks before them. But one thing we know for sure is that their theme song will be the best. Ice ice, baby. Dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun…..